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Vijay Political Party: Actor Vijay Announced Name Of His Political Party

Vijay Political Party: Actor Vijay is the biggest actor in the Tamil film industry. Many reports said that he is going to enter into politics. Now, he has officially announced his party name today. He has announced his party as Tamil Nadu Vetri Kazhagam (Tamizhaga Vetri Kazhagam) or TVK. His fans are hugely celebrating his decision as many of his fans wish to see him enter politics. He has said that he has no support for any party in the current Lok Sabha elections and is not contesting in the Lok Sabha elections. He also announced that Tamizhaga Vetri Kazhagam will contest in the 2026 Election.

Actor Vijay has revealed the name of the party he started, and it’s called Tamil Nadu Vetri Kazhagam. The Election Commission has officially registered this name. In his announcement, Vijay mentioned that the Vijal Makkal Iyakkham has been working on welfare schemes, social services, and relief assistance for many years. To make significant changes in society, economy, and politics, which a voluntary organization alone can’t achieve, political power is necessary.

Regarding the current political situation, there are issues like administrative things and a ‘corrupted politics’ as well as a ‘divisive political culture’ that tries to divide people based on caste and religion. These challenges hinder our unity and progress. It’s evident that many, especially in Tamil Nadu, desire a fundamental political change for more efficient governance. To address these concerns, Vijay has started the Tamil Nadu Vetri Kazhagam political party. The name is officially registered with the Election Commission.

Vijay has always shown interest in getting into politics, hinting about it several times in his career. In 2020, things got intense when his father, SA Chandrasekhar, announced his entry into politics through a new party. Chandrasekhar made himself the party’s General Secretary, his wife the treasurer, and a relative named Padmanabhan the party’s President.

However, Vijay wasn’t happy that his father was using his name for political reasons. He took legal action against eleven people, including his parents, in a Chennai city court. Vijay clarified in a statement that he had no connection with his father’s political statements and asked his fans not to join the party. He also warned against anyone using his name or fan clubs for political purposes. With tensions rising, SA Chandrasekhar decided to dissolve the party, expressing his desire to step away from politics. After huge fights between them both, finally he decided to enter into politics.

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