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Air India, Which Is Owned By Tata, Fires 180 Workers. What Is The Reason?

Air India: Since Tata took over Air India in January 2022, they have been trying to make the airline’s business better. Recently, Air India, which is now owned by Tata, let go of over 180 workers who don’t fly planes. They said these workers couldn’t take the voluntary retirement programs (VRS) or learn new skills, according to PTI.

Tata has been working to improve Air India since they took over. They have been making changes to how the airline does business. But now, they’ve had to lay off more than 180 employees who don’t fly planes. These workers weren’t able to use programs to retire early or learn new skills, PTI reported.

Since Tata took over Air India in January 2022, they’ve been working hard to make the airline’s business smoother. They have been organizing things better to make sure everything runs well. According to a spokesperson, employees who don’t fly planes are given jobs based on what the company needs and how good they are at their work.

The spokesperson said that they have been looking at all the employees for the past 18 months to see if they are the right fit for their roles. During this time, they have also given chances for employees to retire early if they want to or to learn new skills. This information was shared by the spokesperson with PTI.

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The spokesperson mentioned that around one percent of the employees weren’t able to use the early retirement or skill-learning chances and had to leave their jobs. But the company is making sure to fulfill all the promises it made in its contracts. Even though the spokesperson didn’t say exactly how many people lost their jobs, PTI reported it was a bit more than 180 workers.

Since Tata took control of the airline, they have given employees two chances to retire early. This means employees could choose to leave their jobs earlier than they planned. This was shared by the spokesperson.

As a part of a big plan called Vihaan.AI, the spokesperson mentioned they’re working on making the company better over several years. One important thing they are doing is creating a structure for the company that can change quickly and work well with the business plan. This is to help the company grow and achieve its goals, the spokesperson said.

They’re focusing on making the company more agile, which means it can adapt quickly to changes. This is important for their plans to expand and do more in the future. The spokesperson wants to make sure the company’s structure supports these ambitions.

The spokesperson emphasized the importance of having an effective organizational structure that aligns with the way the business works. This means making sure that how the company is set up helps it to operate smoothly and achieve its goals. They’re working hard to make sure the company is in the best shape possible for future growth.

According to a report by PTI, domestic air travel increased by 4.8 percent compared to the previous year, reaching around 1.26 crore passengers last month. However, during the same period, over 1.55 lakh passengers experienced delays in their flights.

In February, Air India’s portion of the market grew to 12.8 percent from 12.2 percent in January. On the other hand, IndiGo’s market share slightly decreased from 60.2 percent in January to 60.1 percent in February.

This means that more people traveled by air within the country last month compared to the same time last year. However, a significant number of passengers faced delays in their flights, which might have caused inconvenience for them.

Air India’s share of the market increased slightly in February, indicating that more people chose to fly with them during that time. Meanwhile, IndiGo’s market share dropped a bit, although it remains the leading airline in terms of market share.

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