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Aneethi Movie Review: Arjun Das and Dushara Shine in Emotional Thriller

  • Director: Vasanthabalan
  • Cast: Arjun Das, Dushara Vijayan, Vanitha Vijaykumar, Arjun Chidambaram, Shanta Dhananjayan

Movie Synopsis

A food delivery guy, dealing with a medical condition, falls in love with Subbu, a housekeeper, who he considers to be his everything. However, complications arise when they both become involved in a case related to the death of an elderly woman.

Movie Review

Vasanthabalan’s movie “Aneethi” features Arjun Das as Thirumeni, also known as Thiru, a hero from the working class. With a haunted past, the fragile hero navigates the edge of vulnerability, entering a dark tunnel. As an unexpected ray of hope emerges, he realizes it’s brief, and the familiar darkness returns.

Thiru is a food delivery agent at a company called Meal Monkey. At the start of the movie, he experiences harsh treatment from customers. Scenes of being compelled to climb to the 13th floor and facing order cancellations for a single mistake resonate with real-life incidents reported in the news recently.

These situations bother Thiru, testing his patience. He realizes he has been experiencing homicidal tendencies and seeks medical help for a disorder that affects 1 in 1000 individuals. From the beginning, the film delves into the struggles of the working class, the challenges of privatization, and the abuse of power by capitalists. At one point, Thiru discovers his love, Subbu, a domestic help at the house of an affluent elderly woman (played by veteran Shanta Dhananjayan). Subbu faces mistreatment based on her class and occupation. The plot takes a violent turn when the elderly woman is found dead, and Subbu and Thiru are accused by her family of killing her for money.

In this non-linear narrative, Vasanthabalan drops hints, like Thiru’s aversion to chocolates since childhood and glimpses of a brutal Thiru covered in blood, throughout the story. While it feels a bit forced in some places, the film brings these elements together in the climax. The poignant flashback explains Thiru’s childhood trauma, shedding light on the reasons for his current condition and actions. However, presenting it all at the end feels a bit overwhelming, especially followed by a ruthless and bloody killing episode.

The movie “Aneethi,” meaning injustice, vividly portrays how individuals with wealth and power can exploit the working class. This is exemplified through characters like Anitha (Vanitha) and Arjun (Arjun Chidambaram), the children of an elderly woman. Upon learning that Subbu concealed news about their mother’s death, they resort to physical abuse. The movie becomes highly distressing with the custodial torture Thiru experiences at the police station, and the oppression at both the house and the police station becomes overwhelming as it continues.

Aneethi Movie Arjun Das

This well-intentioned film, aiming to shed light on the struggles of the working class, succeeds in creating a compelling arc for Thiru’s character. Arjun Das gives a genuine and heartfelt performance, skillfully expressing a variety of emotions including sorrow, vulnerability, love, and violence. Dushara effectively portrays her role as a struggling and timid Subbu. The film intricately weaves together Thiru’s past and the recurring challenges in the present, all anchored by the profound force of love.

The first half of the movie captivates the audience with thrilling moments and strong setups, but certain parts in the second half, such as introducing Aranthangi Nisha for comic relief and the exaggerated reactions of the NRI family, lose their impact. While GV Prakash’s composed songs are exceptional, the loud background score tends to be overly indulgent.

The film attempts to address various issues faced by the working class and carries good intentions. However, it could have elevated its status with more finesse in treatment and concise narrative and execution choices. As “Aneethi” reaches its climax, the burden of unjust and brutal experiences in Thiru’s life awakens a dormant demon within him. This seemingly calm individual ultimately opts for an unjust path to confront the prevailing injustice, serving as a reflection of an unfair society.

Aneethi Official Trailer

Aneethi - Official Trailer | Arjun Das | Dushara | G.V.Prakash Kumar | Vasanthabalan

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Aneethi Movie

Director: Vasanthabalan

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