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Assam Tuberculosis: Thirty Students At NIT Silchar In Assam Have Suffered From Tuberculosis

Assam Tuberculosis: In Assam’s Silchar, at the National Institute of Technology (NIT), thirty students have gotten Tuberculosis (TB), which has caused a lot of worry. The district’s tuberculosis officer, Dr. Ratna Chakraborty, mentioned that a team from the health department checked 200 students on Tuesday. Out of those, 30 students showed symptoms of TB. Their samples were sent to the Silchar Medical College and Hospital (SMCH) for further testing.

This news has raised concerns among the students and faculty on campus. Tuberculosis is a serious infectious disease that affects the lungs and can spread quickly if not treated properly. The health authorities are working diligently to contain the spread of the disease and provide necessary treatment to those affected.

Everyone on campus needs to stay vigilant and take precautions to prevent the further spread of TB. This includes maintaining good hygiene practices, seeking medical help if any symptoms arise, and cooperating with the health department’s efforts to control the situation.

Dr. Chakraborty explained that one of the infected students had traveled back from Bangladesh in February and contracted the disease. As soon as this was known, the student was isolated to prevent others from getting sick. The authorities at NIT were instructed to create a plan, called a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), to stop the disease from spreading any further and to ensure the safety of all students.

Assam Tuberculosis

The case of the student from Bangladesh highlights the importance of following health protocols, especially during times of travel. It’s crucial for everyone to be aware of the risks associated with infectious diseases like Tuberculosis and to take necessary precautions.

The implementation of the SOP is aimed at safeguarding the well-being of all students and staff at NIT Silchar. It includes measures such as regular health check-ups, maintaining cleanliness, and providing necessary medical assistance to those in need.

By following these guidelines and cooperating with the authorities, the campus community can work together to minimize the risk of further infections and ensure a safe environment for everyone. It’s essential for everyone to stay informed and take appropriate action to protect themselves and others from Tuberculosis.
The authorities at NIT Silchar declined to speak to the media when approached by HT. Despite attempts to contact the director, Professor Dilip Kumar Baidya, there was no response from him.

Students have reported that numerous residents in hostels 6, 7, 8, and 9 of the institute have been diagnosed with the disease, and it’s spreading rapidly among them. This situation has caused concern among the student body and highlights the urgent need for effective measures to control the spread of the infection.

The lack of communication from the institute’s authorities has left students feeling worried and uncertain about the steps being taken to address the outbreak. Transparency and clear communication from the authorities are crucial in such situations to ensure the well-being of the entire campus community.

Efforts must be made to provide accurate information and updates regarding the situation and the measures being implemented to contain the spread of the disease. Collaboration between the authorities, students, and healthcare professionals is essential to effectively manage and mitigate the impact of the outbreak.

A student mentioned, “We’ve sent letters to the university authorities, telling them about what’s happening in the hostels and asking for their help.”

In their emails, the students explained, “We want to let you know that TB has spread in our hostels recently. This disease can easily pass from one person to another and it’s dangerous for everyone here – students, teachers, and staff. So, we’re asking the administration to think about having online classes to stop the sickness from spreading more.”

The students’ request for online classes shows their concern for everyone’s safety. They believe that by staying apart physically, they can avoid getting sick and keep the campus community healthy.

The students are taking proactive steps by reaching out to the authorities and suggesting solutions to prevent the further spread of the disease. They hope that their efforts will lead to positive actions from the administration to protect everyone’s health.

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