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Bengaluru Doctor Complaints About HDFC’s Annoying Phone Calls. Here’s What the Company Responded…

Bengaluru Doctor Complaints: After a man named Sundar Sankaran complained about receiving too many unwanted phone calls from HDFC, the company responded and said sorry. Sundar shared his bad experience with HDFC on a website where people share short messages. Many people saw Sundar’s message about HDFC’s phone calls, and it became very popular. A lot of other people also shared their own stories about getting too many calls from HDFC.

Sundar Sankaran wrote on a website that HDFC’s calls about loans were bothering him a lot. He said that even if he got upset with them and blocked their number, they would still call him again and again. One time, after Sundar told a caller he was not interested, the caller said they were the manager of HDFC and asked why he was rude. Sundar thought these calls might be spam, but he wanted HDFC to do something about it and find out what was going on.

Bengaluru Doctor Complaints

Sundar also shared the phone numbers that the calls came from. The tweet was posted on March 30 and has been seen by over 12,000 people since then. It has also received many likes, and lots of people have commented on it to share their opinions.

HDFC, the company mentioned in the tweet, also replied to it. They said, “Hi Sundar, we’re sorry to hear about what happened. Please send us a direct message with the details of the caller and the phone number they called you on, so we can help you better.”

This shows that HDFC responded to Sundar’s complaint and wants to help him with his issue. One person commented on the post, saying that blocking phone numbers doesn’t work because the bank can get new numbers to call from. They mentioned that the loan department might be so focused on meeting their targets that they share customer information with outside agents who work for the bank but don’t have proper identification.

Another user agreed with the complaint, saying that HDFC talks about avoiding spam calls but ends up making a lot of them themselves. They mentioned that if someone needs a loan, they’ll call the bank, so the repeated calls are just annoying.

Another user suggested reporting the spam calls through the Do Not Disturb (DND) app. They explained that each complaint made through the app receives updates on the actions taken by the authorities. They also noted that using the app reduces the frequency of spam calls. Additionally, they mentioned that politely asking the caller to stop calling can also be effective in stopping the calls.

A different person pointed out that all the calls seemed to come from the same call center based on the phone numbers. They mentioned that HDFC Bank shouldn’t have any trouble taking action against the calls if they are serious about addressing the issue. They also shared their experience with another bank, StanChartIN, suggesting they face similar problems with spam calls.

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