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Bhavatharini Death: What Happened to Ilaiyaraaja’s Daughter Bhavatharini in Sri Lanka?

Singer Bhavatharini, the daughter of Ilaiyaraaja passed away yesterday. Even though she initially gained recognition as the daughter of musician Ilayaraja, singer Bhavatharini proved herself to fans with her mesmerizing voice. She earned a National Award for her song “Mayil Pola Ponnu Onnu” in the film Bharathi.

One of her popular songs, ‘Oliyile Therivathu Devathaiya,’ is famous in the movie Azhagi and became a big hit among fans.

Bhavatharini has lent her voice to many songs composed by Ilaiyaraja, Deva, Sirpi, Harris Jayaraj, and other music directors. In addition to her singing career, she has also composed music for 10 films in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, and Hindi.

What Happened in Sri Lanka?

Bhavatharini Raja

After the Covid situation in 2019, Bhavatharini, who took a break from movies, was dealing with kidney cancer. Unfortunately, she passed away on Thursday while getting Ayurvedic treatment in Sri Lanka, but it didn’t help.

Her father, Ilaiyaraja, who was supposed to perform in a concert on Saturday, got the sad news about his daughter’s death. The concert plans had to change because of this sad event.

They are working to bring Bhavatharini’s body back to Chennai. The family and the film industry are sad about losing the talented singer and composer. People will always remember her music, and she will be missed a lot.

Bhavatharini fought a tough battle against cancer, getting help from many doctors. As her health got worse, there was a big chance she might not make it. Last July, she celebrated her birthday with family, but doctors had already said she might not have much time left about 10 days before the celebration.

Even with different treatments, like chemotherapy, Bhavatharini didn’t get better. As the cancer got worse, the treatments didn’t work as well. To try something else, they took her to Sri Lanka for Ayurvedic treatment. Sadly, that didn’t help either, and she passed away.

Her death has made a big impact on music fans. The songs she made will always be remembered, like a special tune in the air, by everyone who loved her music. The music world is sad to lose such a talented singer and composer, and people will keep her memory alive through her songs.

About Bhavatharini Raja

Bhavatharini Raja was a well-known person in Tamil music. She lent her voice to many hit songs in more than 30 films, starting with the movie “Raasaiya,” which starred Prabu Deva and Roja. Her first song in the film became a huge success. After that, she continued singing in albums composed by her father and brothers. One of her notable achievements was winning the National Award for the song “Mayil Pola Ponnu Onnu,” famous in the film “Bharathi,” where her father was the music director.

Apart from being a playback singer, Bhavatharini also excelled as an actress and music composer. She composed her first song for the movie “Mitr, My Friend” in 2002 and went on to work on projects like “Phir Milenge” and more.

Her last music album was for the Malayalam film “Maayanadhi.” Some of the memorable songs in Bhavatharini’s career include those from movies like “Kadhalukku Mariyadhai,” “Bharathi,” “Azhagi,” “Friends,” “Paa,” “Mankatha,” and “Anegan,” among others.

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