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Big Earthquake Hit Taiwan: Nine People Died and 1000 People Got Very Hurt

Big Earthquake Hit Taiwan: The biggest earthquake in Taiwan in 25 years has shaken the country. More than a thousand people were injured. Taiwan is a small island country in the Southeast Sea of China, covering about 38 square kilometers. The powerful earthquake hit Hualien City on Wednesday morning and measured 7.4 on the Richter scale. Inside homes, decorations swayed and things fell off shelves. Water tanks leaked, and frightened people rushed out of their houses, screaming for safety.

The earthquake caused chaos and fear among citizens. Emergency services were quickly deployed to help those injured. Buildings were damaged, and many people were left without shelter. It was a terrifying experience for the people of Taiwan.

The strong earthquake in Hualien City caused a lot of damage to big buildings. Many commercial buildings and houses collapsed too. People who got stuck inside their homes were rescued by their neighbors.

The earthquake left buildings in a bad state. Some were partly destroyed, while others completely fell. People worked together to help those trapped in the rubble. They acted fast to save lives.

Rescue efforts were underway as soon as the shaking stopped. Emergency teams rushed to the scene to help. It was a race against time to find and rescue anyone who was still trapped. Despite the danger, people showed great bravery and determination to help each other.

Big Earthquake Hit Taiwan

There was a big building in Hualien City with five floors where people lived and companies worked. After the earthquake, it leaned to one side at a 45-degree angle, but surprisingly, it didn’t fall. The police told everyone inside to leave and put up fences around it to keep people safe.

During the earthquake, people on the streets and those riding metro trains were terrified. They felt frozen with fear, not knowing what to do. The ground shook, and everything seemed to be moving. Some people were trapped in the trains, unable to move until it was safe.

The leaning building was a scary sight for everyone. People wondered if it would fall or stay standing. Police and officials took action quickly to make sure nobody got hurt near the building. It was a tense time for everyone in Hualien City, but they worked together to stay safe.

In another part of the area, there was a landslide on a hill. This reminded people of a big earthquake that happened in Nantou County, Taiwan, in 1999. That quake killed over 2,500 people. Now, 25 years later, the earthquake in Hualien has left everyone shocked.

From what we know, 9 people have died in this new disaster, and over a thousand have been hurt. People are worried that more might have lost their lives. Rescue teams are working non-stop to help anyone who’s still in trouble.

The landslide added to the chaos caused by the earthquake. It’s a tough time for the people of Hualien. They’re remembering past tragedies while dealing with this new one. But they’re not giving up. Everyone is coming together to help each other through this difficult time.

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