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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Title Winner’s Fans Attack Runner-up’s Car, Video Goes Viral

The final episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 happened on Sunday, with the hosting of Nagarjuna. On December 17, fans of Bigg Boss Season 7 winner Pallavi Prashant and runner-up Amardeep got into a fight at Annapurna Studios in Hyderabad. Before the show, a rumor leaked that Pallavi Prashanth had won the Bigg Boss trophy. It all started with an argument and went into physical controversy, with both sides beating each other up. Also, the car windows of Amardeep, the runner, were broken during the incident. Currently, videos of this incident have become widely circulated on social media.

Even though there was police protection at the studios, some people there still attacked the cars of the contestants. Amar’s mother and wife, who were inside the car, were scared. In addition, the car of this season’s contestant, Ashwini, was also targeted. Upon receiving the news, the police arrived and separated both groups. They were taken away from the scene under police protection.

Ashwini, who got eliminated three weeks ago, shared with iDream Media, “After the finale, we were informed about a crowd outside, so we waited a few hours for it to disperse before leaving. However, there were so many people that even the police couldn’t manage. I worked hard to buy my car, and I feel upset that it got damaged.”

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The child of a farmer, Pallavi Prasanth, emerged as the winner of Bigg Boss Season 7. The game lasted for over a hundred days, and the host, Hero Nagarjuna, declared Pallavi Prasanth as the champion during the grand finale. Amardeep was announced as the runner-up of the season.

Nagarjuna presented the trophy and a Rs. 35 lakh check to the winner, Pallavi Prashant. Additionally, a key to the Maruti Suzuki Brezza SUV was handed over. The company’s Managing Director also provided a Rs. 15 lakh check for buying diamond jewelry from Jose Alukkas.

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