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Bob Cut Sengamalam: Elephant in Tamil Nadu With a Special Unique Hairstyle

Elephants are amazing animals, like having a big, wise friend in the animal kingdom. Particularly in India, elephants capture a special place in the hearts and minds of people. These majestic creatures are represented for their intelligence, strength, and the sense of grace they bring, symbolizing a special spiritual connection in the cultural and religious events of the country.

Sengamalam Elephant

Sengamalam, the special elephant lives in Mannargudi’s Rajagopalaswamy Temple, and people all over the country love her unique hairstyle. Her special name is “Bob-cut Sengamalam” famous especially for her hairstyle. Sengamalam became the little princess of Mannargudi. The people living in Mannargudi care for Sengamalam like their children.

Sengamalam came to the temple from Kerala in 2003, and her caretaker S Rajagopal is the creative-minded person who makes Sengamalam popular by making her a trendy hairstyle, that attracts a lot of attention. she is often called Mannai Queen. Let’s look at the cute pictures of Mannargudi’s Little Princess Sengamalam Elephant.

Industrial Minister’s Comment about Sengamalam

Dr. T R B Rajaa, the Minister for Industries, Investment Promotions and Commerce in the Government of Tamil Nadu shared something about Sengamalam in his official X page. He mentioned that It’s important to note that she is one of the few temple elephants that isn’t always tied up. She can roam freely when the temple is closed, and no devotees are around. She receives good care, though, nothing beats being in nature.

IFS Officer’s Comment about Sengamalam

Sudha Ramen, an officer in the Indian Forest Service, shared that she had posted some pictures of an elephant named Sengamalam. The post was praised by devotees and tourists who shared their experiences with Sengamalam.

The caption mentioned that Sengamalam is famously known as “Bob-cut Sengamalam,” and she has a huge fan club just for her hairstyle. It was noted that she can be seen at Sri Rajagopalaswamy Temple in Mannargudi, Tamil Nadu.

Caretaker About Sengamalam

Sengamalam is like my child. I wanted her to look special,” said Mr. Rajagopal, Sengamalam’s caretaker. “I saw a baby elephant with a bob-cut in a video, so I decided to give Sengamalam the same hairstyle. Her calm and friendly nature made the haircut possible.”

In one interview, Sengamalam’s caretaker shared that, “The elephant snores and sleeps every day in the daytime for approximately 3 hours. She is my lovable elder daughter.” Also, the elephant played the Mouth organ.

The caretaker also mentioned, “She was with me for more than 20 years, She does not get angry with me for anything. At first, when she came to the temple, her age was 14 and my age was 30. In 2002, the elephant, which was previously present in the Rajagopala Swamy temple, died due to overage at 86 years old, her name was also Sengamalam, and in 2003, this bob-cut elephant Sengamalam came to the temple. Initially, Bob-cut Sengamalam became afraid of crackers which are burnt during the temple festivals and events. And after some days, we trained her to stand without fear in front of the crackers. When she got hungry, she calls me with a sound. I understand her sign and give her food. She used to bathe in the swimming pool, which was built specially for her. She used to bathe twice a day, morning and evening. When she goes outside, she used to eat only in 5 particular shops. The food includes Oil Cakes, Carrots, Peas, and Jaggery.”

The caretaker also told humorously that she loves to play football, one day when she went for a walk, she kicked a goat by misunderstanding that goat as a ball. By considering all of these things, we can truly say that Bob-cut Sengmalam is a mischievous elephant.

FAQ – Bob Cut Sengamalam

1. Where is the Sengamalam elephant?

Mannargudi, Tamil Nadu
She is popularly known as “Bob-cut Sengamalam” and has a big fan club dedicated to her unique hairstyle. You can find her at Sri Rajagopalaswamy Temple in Mannargudi, Tamil Nadu.

2. What is the name of the elephant in Mannargudi?

The name of Sri Rajagopalaswamy Temple’s elephant is Senamalam. She is popularly known as “Bob-cut Sengamalam”. She is like a little princess of Mannargudi.

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