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Coetzee’s Record: Gerald Coetzee’s IPL 2024 Speed Beats Yadav’s Record in 2 Days But Falls Shy Of The All-Time Mark

Coetzee’s Record: Gerald Coetzee, a fast bowler for the Mumbai Indians in IPL 2024, has made it onto the all-time IPL list, although he narrowly missed breaking Shaun Tait’s 13-year-old record. Despite his slow start with only three wickets in three matches, including a game without any wickets against the Rajasthan Royals at the Wankhede Stadium on Monday, Coetzee achieved the fastest delivery in IPL 2024, surpassing Mayank Yadav’s previous record.

Even though Coetzee hasn’t performed as well as expected so far, his achievement of recording the fastest delivery in this year’s IPL is noteworthy. This puts his name alongside some of the greats in IPL history, despite narrowly missing out on breaking the long-standing record held by Shaun Tait.

Coetzee’s feat highlights his potential and adds excitement to his future performances in the IPL. While he may have faced challenges early on, his record-breaking delivery showcases his talent and sets the stage for further success in the tournament.

Just two nights ago, at the Ekana Stadium in Lucknow, Mayank, a new bowler for the Lucknow Super Giants, made his debut in a match against the Punjab Kings. He bowled a lightning-fast delivery at 155.8 kmph, surprising PBKS captain Shikhar Dhawan. Mayank’s incredible performance in the middle overs included nine deliveries exceeding 150 kmph and resulted in three wickets for just 27 runs. The cricket world watched in amazement as this young Indian pacer showcased his talent.

Coetzee's Record

Mayank’s debut match at the Ekana Stadium was a remarkable one. His delivery speed caught the attention of everyone present, especially when he bowled at an impressive 155.8 kmph. Even seasoned players like Shikhar Dhawan were taken aback by Mayank’s speed and accuracy. Throughout the match, Mayank continued to impress with his consistent performance, taking three wickets and conceding only 27 runs.

The cricket fraternity was buzzing with excitement as they witnessed Mayank’s exceptional bowling. His ability to consistently bowl deliveries exceeding 150 kmph demonstrated his skill and potential as a fast bowler. Mayank’s debut performance left a lasting impression on fans and players alike, setting high expectations for his future matches in the IPL.

On Monday, Coetzee surpassed Mayank’s record by bowling a delivery at 157.4 kmph during the IPL 2024 match against Rajasthan. The momentous event occurred in the last ball of Rajasthan’s successful chase at the Wankhede Stadium. Riyan Parag, who had just scored a half-century, faced Coetzee’s lightning-fast delivery and managed to get a top edge. The ball soared high over the wicketkeeper’s head, resulting in a boundary.

Coetzee’s record-breaking delivery against Rajasthan marked a significant moment in IPL 2024. With his remarkable speed, he surpassed Mayank’s previous record, showcasing his prowess as a fast bowler. The intense match at the Wankhede Stadium witnessed Coetzee’s exceptional performance, leaving spectators and cricket enthusiasts in awe.

List of Fastest Deliveries in IPL 2024

Speed (kmph)BowlerTeamOpponent
157.4Gerald CoetzeeMIRR
155.8Mayank YadavLSGPBKS
153.9Mayank YadavLSGPBKS
153.4Mayank YadavLSGPBKS
153.0Nandre BurgerRRDC
152.3Gerald CoetzeeMISRH
151.2Alzarri JosephRCBKKR
150.9Matheesha PathiranaCSKGT

This table provides a clear overview of the fastest deliveries bowled by different players in IPL 2024, including the speed, bowler, team, and opponent.

The IPL 2024 match between Coetzee’s team and Rajasthan was filled with excitement until the very last ball. Coetzee’s delivery to Riyan Parag, which clocked in at 157.4 kmph, highlighted his skill and determination. Despite Rajasthan’s successful chase, Coetzee’s feat became a memorable moment in IPL history, earning him recognition and acclaim among fans and fellow players.

In IPL 2024, Gerald Coetzee clocked the fastest delivery at 157.4 kmph while playing for MI against RR. This remarkable feat propelled him to the top of the IPL 2024 charts. However, he narrowly missed breaking Shaun Tait’s 13-year-old record, who holds the record with a 157.71 kmph delivery in IPL 2011.

Coetzee’s incredible speed wasn’t the only notable performance in IPL 2024. Mayank Yadav also showcased his talent by delivering several lightning-fast deliveries. His fastest delivery reached 155.8 kmph while playing for LSG against PBKS. Additionally, he achieved speeds of 153.9 kmph, 153.4 kmph, and 153 kmph in the same match.

Other notable fast bowlers in IPL 2024 included Nandre Burger, Alzarri Joseph, and Matheesha Pathirana. Burger’s delivery clocked in at 153 kmph while playing for RR against DC. Joseph reached 151.2 kmph while representing RCB against KKR, and Pathirana recorded a speed of 150.9 kmph for CSK against GT.

Coetzee’s achievement not only earned him recognition in IPL 2024 but also secured his place among the fastest bowlers in IPL history. Despite narrowly missing out on breaking Shaun Tait’s long-standing record, Coetzee’s remarkable speed added excitement to the tournament and highlighted the talent of bowlers in the IPL.

List of Fastest Deliveries in IPL History

BowlerSpeed (kmph)Year
Shaun Tait157.712011
Gerald Coetzee157.42024
Lockie Ferguson157.32022
Umran Malik1572022
Anrich Nortje156.222020
Umran Malik1562022
Mayank Yadav155.82024

This table provides a clear overview of the fastest deliveries in IPL history, listing the bowler, their recorded speed, and the year in which it was achieved.

In the IPL’s fastest bowler list, Shaun Tait tops with a speed of 157.71 kmph in 2011. Gerald Coetzee comes next, clocking 157.4 kmph in 2024. Lockie Ferguson and Umran Malik hit speeds of 157.3 kmph and 157 kmph respectively in 2022. Anrich Nortje’s delivery at 156.22 kmph in 2020 is also noteworthy.

Coetzee joined Mumbai’s team in the recent auction after impressing at the 2023 World Cup in India. He made history thereby being the first South African bowler to take 20 wickets in a single World Cup edition. Before that, he had a successful season in the SA20 last year, taking 23 wickets.

Despite his accomplishments, Coetzee has only managed to take three wickets in three matches for Mumbai in IPL 2024. His economy rate stands at 11.43, indicating he’s facing some challenges adapting to the IPL format. However, there’s still optimism for Coetzee to shine in future games and help Mumbai achieve success.

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