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Dhanush Request: Did The Director Of “Manjummel Boys” Reject Dhanush’s Request?

Dhanush Request: “Manjummel Boys” hit theaters on February 22nd, joining the ranks of numerous Malayalam films. The movie depicted a group of friends sharing laughter and joy as they bravely worked together to save a friend in peril, which resonated well with audiences. Particularly, the finale scene, accompanied by the lyrics of a song from the film “Guna,” highlighted the deep bonds of friendship and stirred emotions among viewers. It showed the importance of friendship and left a strong impact on the viewers.

The film’s portrayal of friendship and the challenges faced by the characters struck a chord with many viewers. The heartwarming storyline and the genuine emotions depicted on screen added to the film’s appeal. Audiences found themselves drawn into the characters’ lives and rooting for their success, making “Manjummel Boys” a memorable cinematic experience.

Overall, “Manjummel Boys” added to the diverse range of Malayalam movies with its engaging story and characters that people could relate to. It highlighted the strength of friendships and how people can overcome challenges, leaving a good impression on its audience.

As a result, the movie, which was expected to have a regular run in theaters, is now attracting attention and gaining momentum. When the crew of “Manjummel Boys” visited Chennai and met Kamal Haasan, they also had encounters with several other film celebrities. Notably, the film’s director, Chidambaram, had a meeting with actor Dhanush. Photos of them together were shared, but details of their discussion remained undisclosed.

Meanwhile, rumors circulated that Dhanush had requested Chidambaram to collaborate on a project. Now, news has surfaced that Chidambaram advised Dhanush that if he were to write a story without a deep understanding of Tamil Nadu’s culture, it might not resonate well with the Tamil Nadu audience.

Dhanush Request

Many top Malayalam directors have shown interest in directing Tamil cinema. Directors like Basil, Bharathan, Siddique, Priyadarshan, Roshan Andrew, Jeethu Joseph, and others have worked on Tamil films. However, with the rise of OTT platforms, Malayalam movies have gained popularity across India, reducing the eagerness of Malayali directors to venture into Tamil cinema.

Chidambaram’s answer to Dhanush’s request shows this change. It hints that Malayali directors are not as eager to work in Tamil movies anymore because of how the film industry has changed with platforms like OTT.

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