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Do You Know the Difference Between a Golden Visa and a Golden Passport? See the Details

Lately, we often see celebrities who have been issued golden visas by various countries announcing them on social media. More than 60 countries offer this privilege to foreigners, providing unique opportunities for travel and investment. Now, we are hearing about Golden Passports, similar to Golden Visas. See the difference between a golden visa and a golden passport in this article. What are their benefits? Let’s go through a detailed description.

Golden Visa

A golden visa allows foreigners to stay in a country for a temporary period by making a substantial investment. Some countries also make this temporary permit permanent under certain conditions. Generally, holders of a golden visa are allowed to stay and work in the country for a limited period.

Some countries require a minimum period of stay and a specified investment to issue a Golden Visa. Such conditions may vary from country to country.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be 18 or older: You need to be at least 18 years old to be eligible.
  • Invest a set amount: You must invest a minimum required sum.
  • Invest within a deadline: Make sure to complete your investment within a specific time.
  • No criminal record: You shouldn’t have a criminal background.
  • In good health: You should be in good health.

Benefits of Golden Visa

  1. Live and Work: You can stay in the country for a specific time and even work there.
  2. Travel Perks: Easier travel within the countries that are part of this program.
  3. Investment Opportunities: It’s a chance to invest money in that country, helping their economy.

Golden Passport

A Golden Passport is like a special gift of citizenship and a passport to people from other countries. What’s unique is that you don’t have to live in that country for a certain time. Those with a Golden Passport get almost the same treatment as regular citizens in many ways. Unlike regular passports, a Golden Passport often comes with unique benefits, such as the ability to live and work in the country without the usual requirements of residency.

Difference between a golden visa and golden passport

Eligibility Criteria

While the rules for getting a Golden Passport can differ between countries, here are some common things they might ask for.

  1. Be at least 18 years old: You need to be 18 years or older.
  2. Not from a forbidden country: You should not be from a country that’s not allowed.

Benefits of Golden Passport

  1. Citizenship: You become a full-fledged citizen of that country.
  2. Global Mobility: With a Golden Passport, you can travel almost anywhere with fewer restrictions.
  3. Security and Privileges: Enjoy the perks and safety nets that come with being a citizen.
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FAQ – Golden Visa and Golden Passport

1. Why is my golden visa rejected?

Your Golden Visa application might be rejected for a few reasons. If your documents are incomplete or not clear, the authorities will cancel your application within thirty days from when you applied. They say that if you can’t fix the mistakes at least three times, your application will be turned down.

2. Which country makes it easiest to get a golden visa?

Getting citizenship is easier in some European countries. Portugal, Spain, and Greece have simpler options, especially through investment or Golden Visa programs. Malta and Cyprus also offer ways to become a citizen through investments.

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