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Flight Flying Through the Total Solar Eclipse

Flight flying through the total solar eclipse: Yesterday, the first solar eclipse of the year happened, and more than half of the world’s population got to witness a total solar eclipse. A photo taken during the eclipse while everyone was busy capturing it on their cell phones is now spreading rapidly on the internet.

Solar Eclipse

Now, let’s understand what a solar eclipse is. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the sun and the earth. These events happen twice a year. The solar eclipse that occurred yesterday started at 9:12 PM and ended at 2:22 AM Indian time. Unfortunately, people in India didn’t have a clear view of the solar eclipse because it happened during the night.

Flight Flying Through the Total Solar Eclipse

Yesterday, people from various parts of the world were excited to witness the total solar eclipse, but only those in America, Mexico, and Canada had a clear view. Many tried to capture the eclipse on their cameras, including Kendall Rust, whose photo has now become viral on the internet.

In the photo, a plane can be seen passing through the eclipse. Within a few hours of sharing the photo online, it has been widely shared by many people and is gaining popularity worldwide. Numerous internet users are commenting on the photo and sharing their eclipse pictures underneath it.

The caption of the photo mentions that it was taken in Jonesboro, Arkansas, where the plane flew through the total solar eclipse.

Some internet users commented on the photo, with one person saying it was a cool picture, while another joked about not knowing planes could fly so high. Another commenter praised the editing skills of the photo while acknowledging that capturing the eclipse in real time requires patience.

Unfortunately, one netizen expressed regret, mentioning that they also tried to take a similar shot but their old cell phone didn’t capture it properly.

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