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Hardik Revealed: Why Hardik Pandya Didn’t Rejoin Team India Despite Being Fit Since January After World Cup Injury

Hardik Revealed: Hardik Pandya has not played any games since he got hurt during India’s 2023 World Cup match against Bangladesh in October.

As the captain of Mumbai Indians, Hardik Pandya says he’s ready to bowl in the upcoming 2024 Indian Premier League (IPL) season. This means he’ll join other fast bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah and Gerald Coetzee. The Mumbai Indians faced setbacks with injured players Dilshan Madhushanka missing the first half of the season and Jason Behrendorff being ruled out of the tournament. Hardik mentioned that he’s been fit since January, recovering from the strange injury he got during the 2023 ODI World Cup. He also explained why he hasn’t played for Team India after recovering.

Hardik Pandya has been out of action since he got injured during the World Cup in 2023. Despite this, he’s now ready to bowl for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL. This is good news for his team, especially with other bowlers out due to injuries.

Hardik’s return to bowling for the Mumbai Indians is significant. He’s been recovering from his injury since January, and now he’s fully fit and prepared to contribute to his team’s success in the IPL.

It’s been a while since Hardik played for Team India. Even though he has been fit for a few months now, he hasn’t returned to international cricket. He recently shared why he hasn’t made a comeback yet, shedding light on his rehabilitation journey and the reasons behind his absence from the national team.

Hardik spoke to the press on Monday before the IPL 2024 season for Mumbai Indians began. He clarified that the ankle injury he got during India’s fourth World Cup game wasn’t related to any previous injuries or his fitness level. He mentioned that he regained his fitness in January.

Despite being fit, Hardik didn’t join the Indian team because they were already playing in a T20I series against Afghanistan. Also, there weren’t any Test matches lined up for him to participate in.

Hardik Revealed

Hardik assured that he would be bowling in the upcoming matches. He explained that his injury during the World Cup was just an unfortunate incident and didn’t have anything to do with his past injuries or fitness. He also emphasized that he has been fit since January but didn’t get the chance to play any games.

Pandya will be returning to high-level cricket for the first time since his injury during the match against Bangladesh last October. He’ll be leading the Mumbai Indians as their new captain in a match against his former team, the Gujarat Titans, scheduled for Sunday.

During the game against Bangladesh, Pandya tried to stop a shot from Litton Das but ended up twisting his ankle. Despite initial attempts to continue playing, he couldn’t bowl the next ball. This led to a rare moment where Virat Kohli, not a regular bowler, took over and completed the over.

Reflecting on the injury, Pandya admitted he didn’t realize how severe it was at first. Initially, scans showed it was just a minor issue, but as time passed, his ankle swelled up, revealing the true extent of the injury. He immediately sought treatment at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) to speed up his recovery process in hopes of returning for the World Cup.

Despite efforts to make himself available for the World Cup, Pandya and the team had to make a tough decision after 12 days. They had to weigh whether he could represent India effectively at only 50% fitness. Realizing he wouldn’t be able to give his best, Pandya decided not to return to the field. He felt India deserved better, and he wouldn’t be able to justify playing at a compromised level.

“After that, my rehabilitation journey began. The main goal was to get back on the field as quickly as possible. However, with unusual injuries like this one, it’s important to be patient. Physiotherapy alone isn’t enough; the body needs time to heal naturally,” he explained.

Pandya emphasized the need for patience in recovering from such injuries. He acknowledged that while treatments like physiotherapy are helpful, they’re not always sufficient. The body requires time to heal properly, especially with unexpected injuries like the one he experienced.

He highlighted the importance of a natural recovery process. Despite efforts to speed up his return, Pandya understood that some injuries simply require time. Instead of rushing the healing process, he focused on allowing his body to recover at its own pace.

Pandya’s remarks underscored the challenges of dealing with unexpected injuries in professional sports. Despite the desire to return to action quickly, he recognized the necessity of patience and allowing the body to heal naturally.

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