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How to Speed Up Laptop: 10 Simple Tips for Fixing It

Is your laptop running slow? Don’t worry we have got you covered with these fixing tips that will boost your laptop performance. Follow these easy steps to enhance your laptop’s speed and efficiency.

  1. Uninstall the Unwanted apps: The unwanted apps may take extra storage as they can run in the background. Some laptops come with pre-installed applications. Hence to increase the performance, we can uninstall it and install it whenever needed.
  2. Upgrade Your RAM: Give your laptop a memory boost by upgrading its RAM. This quick and cost-effective solution can make a world of difference in speeding up your device, especially if you often run resource-intensive programs.
  3. Move Old Files to the Cloud or External Storage: Move your media files to external or cloud storage to boost performance. It may take large space which will obviously lead to poor performance.
  4. Adjust Power Settings: Optimize your laptop’s power settings to strike the right balance between performance and energy efficiency. This adjustment can make a noticeable difference, particularly when using your laptop on battery power.
  5. Remove unwanted browser extensions: Removing the unwanted browser extensions will save your laptop’s resources. Review and remove unnecessary extensions to ensure a faster and more responsive browsing experience.
  6. Regular Software Updates: Updating your OS and software will tremendously help you with better performance. It not only boosts performance but also increases the efficiency of your laptop. Hence maintaining Os up to date is highly recommended.
  7. Check for Viruses: Viruses or any malware can cause your laptop very slow. To keep an eye regular scanning is needed. You can also go for any reliable antivirus program if required.
  8. Disk Cleaning: While using your laptop, it generates a lot of temporary files. These data include history, cookies and cache which will take more space and can be a reason for your system’s slowness. Disk Cleanup can delete these files and improve the performance.
  9. Start-up program optimization: The overload of start-up programs can cause a slowdown of laptops. To make it proper, disable the unwanted application from the system. This simple process will help significantly.
  10. Dust Removal: Laptops get slow because of the dust build-up in the fans, which will cause the system to overheat and slow down. Instead of wiping the case and keyboard, use compressed air to blow dust out of the fan. Use short bursts of air to avoid damage.

If you follow these tips, you can make your laptop faster and more efficient. Just make these changes, and you’ll see your device work better.

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