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Hyderabad Family Calls Off Wedding Over Mutton Dish Missing From Menu

The wedding was called off in Telangana after the Bride’s side missed the mutton dish in the non-vegetarian menu, they chose for the wedding. The groom is from Jagtiyal and the bride is from Nizamabad. In November, the couple got engaged at the bride’s home. Both the family members of the bride’s and the groom’s family gathered in one place. For all the guests, the bride’s family arranged a non-vegetarian menu.

While eating the guests from the groom’s side pointed out that the mutton bone marrow was not being served. The bride’s family also confirmed that mutton bone marrow was not added to the menu. After the confirmation, a quarrel started between both the family members. They called the local police to help settle things and make sure the celebration didn’t get completely ruined. However, despite the police trying, the groom’s family, who felt disrespected and offended, didn’t change their decision and called off the wedding.

The incident highly resembles the Telugu Movie ‘Balagam’ which was released in March. In that movie, the story shows the wedding was called off over mutton bone marrow, not on the menu. Another incident happened in Hyderabad, a man stopped a wedding after claiming that the bride’s family was giving second-hand furniture.

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