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Indian Army Day 2024: Wishes, Quotes, Messages and Images

Indian Army Day is celebrated on January 15 every year. In 2023, India will celebrate its 75th Army Day. The event happens at Army Headquarters. Before India became independent, British officers were in charge of the Indian Army. On January 15, 1949, Kodandera Madappa Cariappa became the first Chief of Army Staff in independent India, taking over from English officer General Sir Francis Bucher. To honor and celebrate the bravery, sacrifice, and dedication of the Indian Army, we have collected some of the beautiful quotes and wishes for the bravest soldiers of our nation.

Indian Army Day Quotes

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  1. On Army Day, we salute the brave hearts who stand tall, defend our borders, and safeguard our nation.
  2. The courage of the Indian Army makes us strong, proud and committed to the idea of a free and safe India. Happy Army Day!
  3. Let us all honor the sacrifice and dedication of our soldiers, whose courage knows no bounds. Happy Army Day!
  4. To the brave men and women in army uniform, your courage is our shield, your sacrifice is our strength. Happy Army Day!
  5. To the soldiers who march with determination, whose footsteps echo the heartbeat of a resilient nation, we salute you on this Army Day.

Indian Army Day Images

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  1. To our brave soldiers, your commitment and sacrifice towards the nation can’t be praised in words. Happy Army Day!
  2. On this auspicious day, we express our gratitude to the Indian Army, whose strength and sacrifice ensure the safety and sovereignty of our nation.
  3. A heartfelt thank you to the soldiers who make our tomorrow safe. A very happy army day!
  4. Gratitude to the brave hearts in uniform, protecting the nation day and night. Happy Army Day to our wonderful soldiers.
  5. On this wonderful Day, we express our deepest thanks to those who keep us and our nation safe. Happy Army Day!

Indian Army Day 2024

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  1. Indian Army: a symbol of strength, unity, and patriotism that safeguards the Nation every day. Happy Indian Army Day!
  2. The true heroes don’t seek applause; they wear the Indian Army uniform and work day and night.
  3. A day to acknowledge the valor that defines the Indian Army’s legacy. Happy Indian Army Day!
  4. Salute to the forces, who unarguably lead the toughest life on this planet.
  5. Courage knows no language, but it wears the uniform of the Indian Army.

Happy Indian Army Day

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  1. Saluting the courage that defines the Indian Army on this special day. Happy Indian Army Day!
  2. To the protectors of our borders, Happy Army Day!
  3. Army Day is a tribute to the courage, determination, and sacrifice of the Indian Army, whose legacy will be present in the heart of every citizen.
  4. On Army Day, we thank the soldiers for their incredible service and sacrifice without sleep.
  5. In the heart of the Indian Army beats the spirit of a warrior, the dedication of a protector, and the soul of a patriot.
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