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Indian Oil Boiler Explosion in Chennai, One Person Died in Tondiarpet

Due to an oil leakage in Tondiarpet Indian Oil Corporation, the boiler present inside exploded. Also, one worker died and several persons working inside got injured in an explosion. IOCL present in Tondiarpet has 500 plus workers inside. This Corporation exports petroleum and Oil to various states. More than 10 people have been working in the area where the boiler exploded. It has been reported that 4 people have been injured. The employees including Saravanan and Perumal were injured in the boiler explosion accident. They were immediately taken by ambulance to Stanley Hospital.

Among them, Perumal from the Karimedu area was seriously injured and died during the treatment. The other three are undergoing treatment. The RK Nagar police investigating the cause of the accident. All the employees ran out screaming due to the loud noise when the boiler exploded. Firefighters also reached the spot immediately and are working to prevent further mishaps. Ammonia gas was released at midnight yesterday at a private fertilizer plant in the Periyakuppam area of Ennore. As a result, many people in the area suffered from suffocation and were admitted to the hospital.

It seems that the cause of the boiler explosion was an oil leak in the pipeline leading to the boiler called the loop point. The explosion at the Tondiarpet IOCL boiler is a clear reminder of the dangers in industrial places. The lives lost and injuries show how crucial it is to have strict safety measures and always stay alert. As the investigation goes on, people involved are eager for answers, hoping to learn things that can stop such terrible events in the future.

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