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IPL Match: Girl Watching “Friends” On Her Phone At Stadium During IPL Match, Probably Supports RCB Team

IPL Match: One person shared a photo of a girl at M Chinnaswamy Stadium. She was watching the famous American TV show Friends on her phone instead of paying attention to the IPL match happening there.

Imagine getting a front-row seat at an IPL match and not even watching the game. That’s what some people on the internet are talking about. They think it’s possible after seeing this girl watching Friends on her phone at the stadium.

The girl was sitting during the IPL match between Royal Challengers Bengaluru and Lucknow Super Giants on Tuesday. Instead of cheering for the teams, she seemed more interested in her favorite TV show.

On a social media platform called X, someone posted a picture from the stadium. In the photo, a girl sitting in front of them is seen watching the TV show Friends on her smartphone. On her phone screen, you can see the characters Ross (played by David Schwimmer) and Rachel (played by Jennifer Aniston). She doesn’t seem interested in the ongoing IPL match between RCB and LSG.

The person who posted the picture wrote, “Can’t believe this girl is watching Friends during an IPL match (crying emoji).” But when you look at the reactions to their post, most people on the internet did not find it surprising. Instead, they could understand why the girl might prefer watching Friends.

One person commented, “After she realized it’s an RCB match,” referring to RCB’s loss to LSG on Tuesday. Another person agreed, saying, “If she’s an RCB fan, it’s better to watch Friends than the match.”

Another person blamed the stadium itself, saying, “Not unbelievable. It’s the Chinnaswamy. Watching Friends can be therapeutic for many. Wouldn’t blame the girl!” Someone else commented, “She has better life choices.”

More people on X agreed that watching Friends was more interesting than the match on Tuesday. One person said, “Let her be happy (crying emoji).” Another person wrote, “She’s just like me (crying emojis).’ Another person tweeted, “I swiped left on her on Twitter.”

Another person on X mentioned that where she’s sitting in the stands costs quite a lot. They said, “And that’s P Corporate stand where tickets range from 25k to 30k!” However, someone else suggested that she might have gotten a ‘free ticket’.

IPL Match

Some people on X were curious and asked which season of Friends she was watching. One person even tried to guess the episode, saying, “I think she’s watching that episode when Ross and all others go to Geller House for a party.” Another guess was, “That’s the Alec Baldwin episode, right? Is it weird that I know which episode this is just by looking at a small blurry scene from a 10-season series?”

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