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IPL Mini Auction: BCCI Plans To Fix Pay Gaps From IPL Mini Auction, Says Dhumal

IPL Mini Auction: The chairman of IPL mentioned that BCCI will discuss with the teams on how to control excessive bids, like KKR’s ₹24.75 crore bid for Starc in the mini-auction. The record-breaking purchase of Mitchell Starc for ₹24.75 crore in the previous IPL auction is not expected to happen again soon. This will likely change once the Indian Cricket Board changes its rules for future mini-auctions.

IPL chairman Arun Dhumal stated in an interview before the 17th edition of the league that they are aware of the pay gap issue it creates. He mentioned that they would review it and create a new policy to solve the problem. Dhumal added that they have received some ideas and will discuss them with the franchises before making any decisions.

Following the massive deals for Mitchell Starc (₹24.75 crores) and Pat Cummins (₹20.5 crores) in the previous auction, there’s a growing understanding within the IPL about overseas players, especially fast bowlers, favoring mini auctions over mega auctions to increase their value. This strategy allows them to take advantage of the gap between supply and demand.

What’s evident is that the IPL isn’t considering completely replacing auctions with player drafts. Instead, they’re leaning towards possibly setting a limit on how much each player can be bought for.

The upcoming year will bring changes to the teams as a result of the mega auction. While some people have doubts, the BCCI doesn’t intend to end the excitement and spectacle that mega auctions bring.

In simpler terms, the IPL is thinking about putting a cap on the amount a player can be sold for, rather than switching entirely to player drafts. Despite changes expected in teams next year due to the mega auction, the BCCI doesn’t want to stop the excitement of mega auctions, despite some concerns being raised.

Dhumal raised a question about how new franchises would build their teams. He emphasized the need for strategic thinking in a dynamic competition like the IPL. Dhumal mentioned that teams can retain 3 to 4 players, providing them with a foundation to start their squad.

The rule allowing a maximum of four player retentions per team will remain unchanged for now. According to IPL officials, going beyond this limit would diminish the excitement of the mega auction and result in similar squads across teams.

IPL Mini Auction

Looking ahead, the growth of the IPL largely depends on the revenue from broadcasting deals. The BCCI is closely monitoring the evolving media landscape in the country. Recently, Viacom 18 and Disney Star won the digital and TV rights for the IPL (covering 2023-2027) by investing nearly ₹24,000 crore each. However, these companies are expected to merge soon, forming a joint venture.

The IPL chief mentioned plans to explore opportunities for more media players due to consolidation in the industry. He highlighted that the next rights cycle is still a few years away. The IPL is considered the second-largest sporting league globally, and technology advancements have been rapid.

He noted that they are prepared to adapt if the trend continues towards digital platforms. Potential new players could include companies like Netflix, Apple, YouTube, or Meta. The IPL chief expressed confidence in attracting more players to the league in the future.

Recently, the IPL has introduced changes to playing conditions to keep things fresh. Last year, they introduced the Impact Player rule, and this year, they’re allowing two bouncers per over. The aim is to enhance fan engagement by introducing new elements to the game. Being the domestic league of the BCCI, the IPL provides a platform to experiment with such changes.

According to the IPL officials, they received feedback to give more power to bowlers, which led to the introduction of the two-bouncer rule. They believe that trying out new ideas is important in T20 cricket, where innovation can add excitement for fans. These changes are part of ongoing efforts to make the IPL more dynamic and appealing to spectators.

There are discussions about whether these rules should be applied in international cricket through the ICC to maintain consistency in playing conditions across different cricket formats. Dhumal mentioned that instead of forcefully promoting these rules, they should attract interest on their own merits.

He highlighted that the global cricket community closely observes the IPL, so the impact of these rule changes will be closely monitored. Ultimately, decisions regarding the adoption of such rules in international cricket will be made by the ICC Cricket Committee.

The discussion about whether players prioritize playing for their IPL teams over representing their country has resurfaced. While the IPL provides financial security to players, concerns have been raised about their commitment to domestic cricket. Recently, the BCCI took a firm stance by withholding central contracts from players like Ishan Kishan and Shreyas Iyer.

However, according to IPL officials, the media has exaggerated this issue. They believe that players recognize the importance and honor of playing for their country. Despite the lucrative opportunities provided by the IPL, representing their nation remains a source of pride for cricketers.

Players like Ishan Kishan and Shreyas Iyer, who lost their central contracts, are eager to regain them and represent their country. Winning World Cups for their nation is seen as the pinnacle of success, making players heroes in the eyes of fans. Playing 100 Tests is considered a greater achievement than the money earned in IPL auctions.

Despite being sidelined by national selectors, their IPL participation won’t be affected. Franchises prioritize winning the trophy and will select players based on their performance and value to the team. However, franchises also recognize the importance of players representing their country, as it elevates their status and contributes to their overall development as cricketers.

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