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IPL Opening Match 2024: Shivam Dube Shares That He Learned The Art Of Closing Out Games From MS Dhoni

IPL Opening Match 2024: Shivam Dube, the all-rounder from Chennai, India, enjoys closing out crucial games, a skill he picked up by observing his legendary CSK teammate, MS Dhoni. Dube finds satisfaction in being the one to finish tense matches, something he learned from Dhoni during their time together in the team. He values the opportunity to apply these lessons on the field and contribute to his team’s success. Dube’s admiration for Dhoni’s expertise in finishing games reflects the impact of learning from experienced players in cricket.

Dube played a key role by scoring 34 runs quickly and also teamed up with Ravindra Jadeja to add an unbeaten 66 runs for the fifth wicket. This partnership helped the defending champions, Chennai Super Kings, secure a six-wicket victory against the Royal Challengers Bengaluru on Friday.

In the match, Dube’s quick innings and his partnership with Jadeja proved vital in steering Chennai to a successful chase. His contribution in the crucial fifth-wicket stand showcased his ability to perform under pressure and support his team’s cause.

The win for Chennai Super Kings was significant, as it marked another successful outing for the team, thanks in part to Dube’s performance. His cameo and partnership with Jadeja demonstrated the importance of teamwork and individual contributions in achieving success in cricket matches.

Overall, Dube’s efforts in the match were instrumental in Chennai’s victory, highlighting his value as a player and his ability to make meaningful contributions to his team’s success on the field.

shivam dube and MS Dhoni

“It felt incredible. Closing out games for Chennai is always special to me. That’s a skill I’ve learned from Mahi bhai, and I aim to do it every match,” Dube shared with

Dube admired finishing matches, especially when representing Chennai Super Kings. He highlighted the influence of MS Dhoni, affectionately called “Mahi bhai”, in shaping his approach to closing out games. Dube emphasized his commitment to applying this skill in every game he plays for the team.

“It’s a great feeling to close out a game like this, especially in the first game of the season. It always holds a special place,” Dube expressed.

Reflecting on the victory, Dube highlighted the significance of finishing the game, particularly in the opening match of the season. He emphasized the sense of accomplishment that comes with contributing to a win early in the tournament. For Dube, such moments hold a unique importance and add to the excitement of the start of the season.

Reflecting on the victory, Dube highlighted the significance of finishing the game, particularly in the opening match of the season. He emphasized the sense of acc

In their chase of 174 runs, CSK got off to a strong beginning, led by debutant Rachin Ravindra, who played aggressively. Ravindra emerged as the top scorer for the team as well.

Rachin Ravindra’s debut performance was impressive, as he took charge early in the innings. His aggressive batting style set the tone for Chennai Super Kings’ chase. Despite being a newcomer to the team, Ravindra showed confidence and determination, contributing significantly to the team’s pursuit of the target.

As the main aggressor in CSK’s chase, Rachin Ravindra played a crucial role in maintaining momentum and putting pressure on the opposition. His performance showcased his talent and potential as a valuable addition to the team’s batting lineup.

Overall, Ravindra’s impactful debut performance not only helped CSK in their chase but also signaled a promising start to his journey with the team. His contribution was instrumental in CSK’s pursuit of victory in the match.

The talented New Zealander praised his captain, Ruturaj Gaikwad, for managing the challenging chase effectively. In an IPL video interview, he expressed appreciation for Gaikwad’s experience and leadership in guiding the team during the tough chase.

He emphasized the importance of the partnership he shared with Gaikwad during the match. Acknowledging Gaikwad’s expertise and track record in such situations, he highlighted the significance of their collaboration in steering Chennai Super Kings towards victory.

The partnership between the talented New Zealander and Gaikwad played a crucial role in Chennai Super Kings’ successful chase. Their understanding and coordination on the field contributed to the team’s performance and eventual triumph in the match.

Overall, the praise for Gaikwad’s leadership and partnership underscores the value of teamwork and effective captaincy in achieving success in cricket matches. The acknowledgment of Gaikwad’s contributions reflects the camaraderie and mutual respect among teammates in the Chennai Super Kings squad.

Ravindra praised the calm demeanor of his teammate and their partnership with Jinx, which was particularly enjoyable in front of the packed stadium. He appreciated the beautiful pitch, which made their job much easier during the game.

He also expressed amazement at the enthusiastic crowd at Chepauk, cheering loudly for CSK. Ravindra described the atmosphere as “crazy” and noted it was one of the loudest crowds he had ever experienced. He hopes for more victories to keep the crowd energized in future matches.

Looking ahead, CSK will face last season’s runner-up, Gujarat Titans, in their next game at the same venue on Tuesday. This match promises to be another exciting challenge for Chennai Super Kings as they aim to continue their winning streak in front of their passionate supporters.

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