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IPL Schedule 2024: MS Dhoni to Face Virat Kohli in Season Opener on March 22

IPL Schedule 2024: The BCCI has revealed the schedule for the first 21 league matches of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024. These matches will be played over two weeks, starting on March 22 and ending on April 7.

The opening match of the tournament will feature the five-time champions and current titleholders, Chennai Super Kings, facing off against Royal Challengers Bangalore. This match is set to take place on March 22 in Chennai, marking the beginning of the 17th edition of the IPL.

As for the remaining matches beyond the initial 21, the schedule will be announced later. This delay is due to the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections, as the finalization of the IPL schedule will depend on the dates declared by the Election Commission.

IPL Schedule – Lok Sabha Elections

IPL Schedule 2024

IPL Chairman Arun Dhumal has said that the entire tournament will happen in India, even though it’s at the same time as the Union elections. This is different from what happened in 2009 when they had to move the tournament to South Africa because they couldn’t manage the schedule with the elections.

Back in 2009, the elections clashed with the IPL, so they had to move the matches to South Africa. But this time, the IPL organizers are firm about keeping the tournament in India. This shows their dedication to India as the main place for the event.

The decision to stick with India for the IPL despite the elections shows the organizers’ confidence in handling the situation. They believe they can manage the tournament without any issues, even with the elections happening at the same time. This decision also shows their commitment to providing fans with an authentic IPL experience within the country.

Arun Dhumal’s statement reflects the confidence and assurance that the IPL administration has in managing the logistical challenges posed by the election dates. By opting to keep the tournament in India, they are demonstrating their resolve to provide fans with an uninterrupted and thrilling cricketing spectacle.

Despite the potential challenges, the decision to retain the IPL in India underscores the significance of the tournament as a major sporting event in the country’s calendar. It also highlights the efforts made by the organizers to ensure the smooth execution of the tournament while navigating external factors such as elections.

BCCI Secretary Jay Shah stated that, as in previous years, the Board will collaborate closely with government and security agencies. They will adhere to all required protocols and guidelines concerning the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections in India.

Once the dates for the 18th Lok Sabha elections are officially declared, the BCCI will assess and handle any concerns regarding the schedule of the first two weeks of the IPL. This indicates the Board’s commitment to ensuring the smooth conduct of the tournament while respecting the electoral process.

Shah’s statement reflects the BCCI’s proactive approach to coordinating with relevant authorities to address any potential conflicts arising from the election schedule. By prioritizing compliance with governmental directives, the BCCI aims to uphold the integrity and safety of both the IPL and the electoral process.

The assurance from the BCCI Secretary underscores the organization’s dedication to maintaining transparency and accountability in managing the IPL schedule. It highlights the collaborative effort between sports and governance to facilitate the successful execution of both the cricket tournament and the democratic exercise of elections. Afterward, the BCCI will collaborate with local authorities to finalize the schedule for the remaining matches of the season, considering the dates of the elections.

Teams Hosting Home Matches

IPL Schedule

In the current official schedule, all teams except Delhi Capitals are hosting their home matches at their usual home venues. However, the Delhi franchise is compelled to move their first two home matches outside Delhi due to concerns about the pitch conditions at the Arun Jaitley stadium. The pitch is expected to be worn out due to the hosting of 11 Women’s Premier League matches within a span of 12 days, from March 5 to March 17. As a result, DC has chosen to play these matches in Visakhapatnam.

While not being able to fully utilize home advantage at their usual base is considered a setback, Delhi Capitals (DC) has faced issues in the past regarding the quality of pitches provided by the local association. With the additional two weeks before their first home matches, DC hopes that the ground curators will have enough time to address any concerns and ensure better pitch conditions.

During the first two weeks of the IPL, there will be a total of four double-header matches, with the evening games starting at 7:30 pm. The only exception is the opening match between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), featuring MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli, which will commence at 8:00 pm following the opening ceremony.

Based on discussions between the BCCI, broadcasters, and franchise officials, it has been decided that the IPL final will take place on May 26. This timing allows for a five-day gap before the start of the T20 World Cup in the USA and West Indies.

As is customary, the IPL will consist of 74 matches in total, including the four knockout matches. This format ensures an exciting and competitive tournament for fans and players alike.

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