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Iran Vs Pakistan: Do You Know Why Iran Attacked Pakistan?

Iran Vs Pakistan: We usually think Pakistan and Iran are friends, but there is a hidden issue. While big problems like Russia-Ukraine and Palestine-Israel grab attention, Pakistan is also having a quiet missile disagreement with Iran, besides its issues with India. Even though they haven’t officially declared war or had big fights, both countries are firing missiles at each other. In the middle of this, our Foreign Minister JaiShankar visited Iran.

Some Pakistani journalists claim that India encouraged Iran to attack Pakistan by promising protection. They say India is indirectly in conflict with Pakistan through Iran.

What is the Problem Between Pakistan and Iran?

Before we go to see about the Iran-Pakistan conflict, let’s understand their relationship. Iran and Pakistan share a border, but we mostly hear about Pakistan’s issues with India. Iran, located in the Middle East, borders 14 countries. Iranians are mostly Shia Muslims, while Pakistanis are mainly Sunni Muslims. The division arose from a historical debate about who should lead after Prophet Mohammed’s death, creating the Shia and Sunni branches. This religious difference adds complexity to the relationship between Iran and Pakistan.

After the split in Islam, Sunni Muslims became the majority (80% globally), while Shia Muslims were fewer. Along the Iran-Pakistan border, there is Balochistan on both sides, similar to how Punjab exists in both India and Pakistan. This is like the Tamils in both India and the northern part of Sri Lanka, showing how populations can span across borders.

Iran Pakistan war

In recent times, borders were established, and Balochistan spans across both Pakistan and Iran. Balochistan’s people, with unique language and culture, have been protesting for a separate country, facing neglect from both Iran and Pakistan. The region lacks development, as major projects focus on areas like Karachi and Lahore in Pakistan, and northern Iran. Balochistan, caught in between, sees its people expressing their grievances through poetry and publications. In 2012, a Baloch leader was hanged in Iran, sparking the formation of Jaish al-Adl, a group opposing Iran’s actions. Despite Iran’s global strength, it mistreats Balochistan, highlighting a double standard in its international interactions.

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Jaish al-Adl

People in Balochistan formed Jaish al-Adl, causing trouble for 12 years, aiming for Balochistan’s independence. The Iran-Pakistan border lacks a clear definition. Jaish al-Adl’s attacks, focusing on Iranian forces, led to casualties. Iran asked Pakistan to address the issue, but Jaish al-Adl operates from within Pakistan. Iran, angered by the group killing security personnel, recently attacked their base, unintentionally causing civilian deaths. This raises ethical concerns, similar to how India attacking Pakistani civilians amid conflicts would be viewed. Tensions rise as Iran and Pakistan exchange actions and accusations.

Pakistan ignored Iran’s concerns about Balochistan, leading to Iran attacking Jaish al-Adl’s base. This angered Pakistan, sparking a conflict. Pakistan retaliated, but the issue arose with the target site. Iran claims civilians, including women and children, died in Pakistan’s attack on a family home, not a Jaish al-Adl camp. Iran questions Pakistan’s actions, as Pakistan argues that Jaish al-Adl operates from Iran. Tensions rise as both nations exchange accusations and confrontations with large military forces.

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