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Japanese Man Spent $14000 to Transform Into Dog, Watch Video

A Japanese Man Toco, spent over $14,000 (Rs 12 lakh) on a costume to exactly look like a dog. The custom-made garment took 40 days for a team to make it for him. It has not only turned heads but has also fulfilled Toco’s lifelong dream of “becoming animal”.

Toco has documented his journey of becoming an animal on his YouTube channel “I want to be an animal”, Which has an impressive 60.5k subscribers. The channel features engaging videos showcasing Toco joyfully rolling on the floor and enthusiastically playing fetch in his newfound identity.

Toco took a significant step by posting a video of his first public appearance as a human collie. Viewers were left in surprise as Toco, in his five-minute video, interacted with both people and other dogs. This noteworthy moment, captured during an interview with German TV station RTL last year, marks a turning point in Toco’s transformative adventure.

Toco maintains by not revealing his identity and consistently posting videos of his extraordinary journey on his YouTube channel. In a video uploaded last year, he candidly answers a series of questions, admitting to his dream of becoming an animal since childhood. Through his captivating journey, He shows us to ponder the boundless possibilities of self-expression and the pursuit of one’s deepest aspirations.

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