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Kaanum Pongal Kolam 2024: Rangoli Designs for Kaanum Pongal

Pongal Thirunal is a festival celebrated for 4 days. The first day is Bhogi, the second is Pongal, the third is Mattu Pongal, and the fourth is Kaanum Pongal. Kaanum Pongal is a festival celebrated for women. Generally, during the month of Margazhi, everyone draws colorful Rangoli Kolam. After Margazhi, in Thai 1st people used to draw Pongal Kolam in front of their houses. The same is followed for the four days of Pongal too. In this post, we will see pictures of beautiful kolams that can be drawn on Kaanum Pongal.

Kaanum Pongal Kolam – Kanni Pongal Kolam

On the occasion of Kanum Pongal, drawing a girl in kolam is a favorite choice of many people. And to help with that we have provided the best Kaanum Pongal Kolams for you in this post. It is an important festival for women. Events of this festival include seeing relatives, and friends and seeking the blessings of elders. And girls go to their favorite places and play games together.

Kaaanum Pongal Kolam – Kaanum Pongal Images

When the Pongal pot is placed on the Pongal Festival, a fresh bunch of turmeric is tied in it before placing it on the stove. After the festival is over, on the third day of Kannum Pongal girls untie the Turmeric bunch and give it to the hands of the Sumangalis (Sumangali means “married woman” or “happily married woman” in Tamil. It refers to a “single girl becoming a respectable woman through marriage“) and receive blessings from them. After that, the received turmeric from the Sumangalis is applied over their feet and face. To make the Kaanum Pongal even more beautiful, we have provided you with beautiful Kaanum Pongal Kolam Images.

Kaanum Pongal Rangoli – Kaanum Pongal Kolam 2024

This is the festival where people come together to celebrate the prosperity and prosperity of the harvest season. It is also a time to see friends and family, exchange gifts and participate in social gatherings. Overall, Kanum Pongal is a joyous and vibrant festival that is an integral part of Tamil culture and tradition.

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FAQ – Kaanum Pongal Kolam

1) What is Kaanum Pongal Kolam?

Kaanum Pongal Kolam refers to the decorative and intricate patterns drawn on the ground using rice flour or colored powders during the Kaanum Pongal festival. These designs are a traditional way of celebrating and adding beauty to the surroundings.

2) Why is Kolam significant during Kaanum Pongal?

Kolam is considered auspicious and is a form of artistic expression. During Kaanum Pongal, it is believed to bring prosperity, good luck, and ward off negative energies.

3) How is Kaanum Pongal Kolam created?

Kaanum Pongal Kolam is usually created by using rice flour, chalk, or colored powders. Mostly many people used to draw girl or women images during Kaanum Pongal. Women, in particular, take part in creating these kolams in front of their homes.

4) What does “Kaanum Pongal” mean?

Kaanum Pongal is the third day of the four-day-long Pongal festival, celebrated in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. “Kaanum” translates to “to see” or “to visit.” It is a day when people traditionally visit relatives, friends, and tourist spots.

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