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King Charles III Has Cancer: What Happened To Britain’s King Charles?

King Charles III has been diagnosed with cancer, which was discovered during treatment for an enlarged prostate. The cancer is not prostate cancer, but the specific type has been disclosed by Buckingham Palace. The King has begun regular treatments and has been advised to postpone his public duties.

Despite his diagnosis, King Charles III will continue to work behind the scenes on state affairs and official documents. He returned to London from Sandringham to start outpatient treatment on Monday. The Palace expressed gratitude to the medical team for their prompt intervention and stated that the King remains optimistic about his treatment.

The news of the King’s cancer diagnosis comes after a recent hospital stay for treatment of an enlarged prostate. The royal family faced several health concerns at the beginning of 2024, including the Princess of Wales’s surgery and the Duchess of York’s skin cancer diagnosis.

The diagnosis was announced by Buckingham Palace on Monday evening. King Charles III, who ascended to the throne just over a year ago, was last seen attending church in Sandringham on Sunday. The Duke of Sussex has spoken with the King about his diagnosis and plans to visit him in the UK in the coming days.

Buckingham Palace

King Charles III Medical Treatment

King Charles III recently left a private London hospital after getting treatment for an enlarged prostate. Thankfully, the condition was not serious, but it did cause him to cancel some events and take a break before the procedure. Having an enlarged prostate is common in men over 50 and can affect urination, but it is usually not a big health problem or a sign of prostate cancer.

The King decided to share his medical news to encourage other men to get prostate checks, which is in line with public health advice. He also had COVID-19 twice, both times experiencing only mild symptoms. The first time was in March 2020, during the early days of the pandemic when vaccines were not available yet. He had to isolate at home in Scotland and temporarily lost his sense of taste and smell.

What Happened to King Charles III

The second time was in February 2022, even after getting three vaccine doses. The King’s health issues have affected his royal duties. He has been advised to cut back on public appearances and focus more on state affairs and paperwork. This comes at a challenging time for the royal family, especially with Catherine, Princess of Wales, recently hospitalized. Queen Camilla has stepped up to support the family during this time, while Prince William has taken a temporary break to care for his children.

The news of the King’s health has drawn attention from all over the world. Even his son, Prince Harry, plans to visit from California to show his support. World leaders like Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and US President Joe Biden have sent their best wishes for the King’s speedy recovery. Former US President Donald Trump also sent his well-wishes, showing how much people care about the King’s health.

Who is Prince William?

Prince William is the oldest son of Charles and the late Princess Diana. He became the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall after Queen Elizabeth passed away in September 2022. His wife is Catherine, and they have three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Prince Harry, Charles, and Diana’s youngest son holds the title of Duke of Sussex. He is married to American actress Meghan Markle, and they have two children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. Harry has decided to step down from his royal duties.

Prince Andrew is the second son of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, making him Charles’s young brother. However, he faced controversy due to his association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Following this, he stepped back from his government duties.

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