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Latest Men Mehndi Designs 2024 for Beginners

Mehndi is the best thing during any festive season and celebrations for girls. But now, men also like to be involved in all these things. Men wearing Henna will become trendy now. We provide a lot of Men Mehndi design collections.

Simple Mehndi Designs for Boys

Here we provide versatile types of simple Mehndi Designs for boys’ full hands and simple Mehndi Designs for boys’ backhands.

Special Groom Mehndi Designs

See a collection of Groom Mehndi designs for the Wedding ceremony. Also, we give for all the wedding occasions. Inspired by the Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt wedding ceremony, many boys like to try the Mehndi designs on their wedding.

Boys Mehndi Designs

You also see a lot of Mehndi design ideas for Men in this collection. These are suitable not only for festivals but also for many occasions. Today youth people are ready to try different things. Mehndi designs are also a viral fashion on nowadays.

Indian Mehndi Designs for Boys

Mehndi Designs or Maruthani become a very popular one in India. Nowadays, Indian boys also like to put Mehndi and Henna designs on their hands.

Shoulder Mehndi Design Simple

We will introduce a list of very simple and easy Mehndi designs for Men in this article. Here you can also see a lot of simple and unique Maruthani designs for beginners.

Men Mehndi Designs Arabic

Arabic mehndi is mostly preferred by girls during bridal ceremonies because it is one of the simplest types of mehndi to apply to hands. But, nowadays Men and gents also prefer these types of Mehndi designs. We provide many types of Men Arabic simple mehndi designs for hands.

FAQ – Men Mehndi Designs

1. Do men wear Mehndi?

Boys can put on Mehndi, and it is getting very popular nowadays. It is also called Menna by the people. Men like to draw the designs on their arms, hands and chest.

2. Do all men wear Henna?

All the men in the world are allowed to put on Mehndi. But, in Islam, it is not allowed for men to wear henna as a decoration.

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