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Little Boy Plays With Puppy Brings Back To Its Mom, Don’t Miss The Cute Video

Little Boy Plays With Puppy: In the online world, a heartwarming video is getting a lot of attention. Every day in social media, many viral videos have surfed the internet. In that case, a boy playing with a puppy has taken everybody’s attention. It shows a sweet connection between a kid and a small dog by the Sarayu River in Ayodhya. It was posted on Instagram by the user @_shishir_vyas and has quickly become popular.

The video captures a happy scene of a child playing with a tiny puppy. He takes the puppy and brings it back to its mom in the video. Their cute interaction is making people feel warm and pleasant. Many people have watched the video multiple times, spreading happiness online. Since it was posted not too long ago, the video has gotten an impressive 693,824 likes and lots of comments from fascinated viewers. People on social media are finding it hard to express how they feel about it. Many people showered their love in the comments section.

One person on Twitter said, “A little one holding another little one,” highlighting how adorable the interaction is. Another person said, “Amazing, they are having a great time together. Enjoy it.” The idea that “Dogs are really special” echoed in another comment, emphasizing the charm of the furry friend. People continued to express their excitement with statements like “This is incredibly charming…Love it!!” and “Too cute to handle.” The same thing happened on Instagram too. One Instagram user wrote “Babu be like catch your children are running away”, another user wrote ” Kid be like – Stay with your mother in the crowd otherwise someone will pick you up”, and another wrote, “Undoubtedly the most adorable video in the internet world”.

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