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Maha Shivratri Mehndi Designs 2024: Easy Lord Shiva and Shivratri Mehndi Designs

Maha Shivratri Mehndi Designs: Maha Shivratri is a big festival for Hindus. It is all about worshipping Lord Shiva. People fast, visit temples and do rituals to get Lord Shiva’s blessings. During this festival, many people put beautiful designs on their hands using Mehndi, which is a paste made from henna.

These designs usually have symbols related to Lord Shiva, like his third eye or crescent moon. People believe that putting Mehndi brings good luck, wards off evil, and shows their devotion to Lord Shiva. It’s also a way for families and communities to come together and celebrate. Overall, Mehndi is an important part of Maha Shivratri celebrations for many Hindus.

Mahashivratri Special Mehndi Design

Devotees fast all day and pray to Lord Shiva to seek forgiveness for their sins. They also go to temples, decorate their homes, take baths early in the morning, wear new clothes, and women put on Mehndi designs to celebrate this holy festival. If you are interested in special Mehndi designs inspired by Lord Shiva for Maha Shivratri, we have collected some pictures to give you ideas. Take a look at these beautiful and simple Mehndi designs!

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Shivling Mehndi Designs

simple Mahashivratri Special Mehndi Design
Mahashivratri Special Mehndi Design
Mahashivratri Special Mehndi Designs
shivling mehndi 4

Shivling Mehndi Designs are unique because they symbolize the popularity of Lord Shiva. The Shivling, a sacred representation of Lord Shiva, holds unique significance in Hindu mythology and is worshipped as a symbol of creation and destruction. Mehndi designs featuring the Shivling are often intricate and detailed, showcasing the devotee’s devotion and spirituality.

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Mahadev Mehndi Designs

Mahadev Mehndi Designs

These mehndi designs are most popularly put by the women devotees during important festivals like Maha Shivratri, Shivratri, and other spiritual festivals dedicated to Lord Shiva. In our gallery, we provide various Shivling Mehndi designs that influence the devotion and spirituality associated with Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva Mehndi Designs

Lord Shiva Mehndi Designs are special designs inspired by the Hindu god, Lord Shiva. They have symbols like the third eye, Trishul, Damru (drum), and the crescent moon. People wear these designs during festivals and weddings. They are both pretty and have a religious meaning.

1. Which Colour is worn in Mahashivratri?

Many worshippers wear different colors like green, yellow, red, orange, white, pink, and more! But they usually avoid dark colors, especially black.

2. Why is it called Shivratri?

Maha Shivaratri is a yearly Hindu celebration linked to fertility and peaceful families. The name comes from two words – “Shiv” and “Ratri” – which means “The Night of Lord Shiva.” It’s a special time dedicated to the Hindu god who makes, takes care of, and changes the universe.

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