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Mamata Banerjee Falls While Getting Into a Helicopter in Durgapur. There’s a Video of it.

Mamata Banerjee Falls While Getting Into a Helicopter: Weeks after getting hurt at her home in Kolkata, Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, slipped and fell while trying to sit in a helicopter in Durgapur.

Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, slipped and fell on Saturday while she was trying to take her seat in a helicopter in Durgapur. Her security personnel helped her, according to a report. Despite the fall, she continued her journey to Asansol to speak at an election rally.

Visuals shared by news agency ANI revealed Mamata Banerjee attempting to take a seat after boarding the helicopter but, in doing so, losing her balance. Back on March 14, Mamata Banerjee, the 69-year-old leader of the Trinamool Congress, fell inside her residence in Kalighat, Kolkata, and sustained a serious injury on her forehead and nose. She had to be taken to the hospital for a few hours.

Banerjee’s brother, Kartik Banerjee, informed a Bengali news channel that the TMC leader suffered a cerebral concussion and had a deep cut on her forehead and nose, causing heavy bleeding. Initially, the hospital director, Manimoy Bandyopadhyay, stated that Mamata Banerjee experienced a fall near her home, possibly due to being pushed from behind.

Bandyopadhyay’s initial comment caused widespread confusion and speculation about the reason behind Mamata Banerjee’s fall. However, Bandyopadhyay later clarified that he meant Mamata Banerjee may have felt a sensation of being pushed from behind, which caused her to fall. He emphasized that their main focus was on providing treatment, and there was a misunderstanding about his previous statement.

Mamata Banerjee Falls While Getting Into a Helicopter

During this time, senior BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari faced criticism for apparently mocking Mamata Banerjee’s injury. During a rally in Khejuri, West Bengal, Suvendu Adhikari made remarks implying a decline in the influence of the TMC without directly mentioning anyone. He stated, “TMC’s pressure has decreased and it’s declining. The downfall of TMC has just begun from the top, and it will spread to the grassroots levels.”

The ruling TMC strongly criticized Adhikari’s comments, labeling them as reflecting the BJP’s anti-women stance. Shashi Panja, the West Bengal Women and Child Development Minister expressed condemnation of the remarks and demanded an apology. She stated, “Such comments against the only female chief minister in the country show the BJP’s anti-women attitude. We condemn these comments and request an apology.”

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