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Man Parties For Four Days With A Bullet In His Head

A 21-year-old man named Mateus Facio parties for four days with a bullet in his head during a New Year’s Eve celebration at a beach in Rio de Janeiro. During the party, he felt like something hit him in the head. Facio thought it was just a harmless stone. But he did not know, that something more dangerous was about to happen. Despite the impact, Facio kept on partying with his friends for the next four days. He had no idea that there was a hidden danger waiting for him.

After partying Facio realized something was wrong when reached home. His arms and fingers weren’t moving like they should, making him concerned. Suddenly, he understood the situation was much worse than he thought. After taking a rest, Facio woke up with the unsettling sensation of his arm behaving oddly. Fingers moved, yet the confidence to grasp objects was absent, signaling a cause for immediate concern. Then Facio arrived to the hospital and underwent tests, discovering a shocking truth four days after the initial incident – a 9mm bullet was lodged in his head. The doctor explained that the bullet had compressed a critical brain region, leading to unusual movements and convulsive reactions.

The bullet’s placement could have resulted in severe consequences, including paralysis of his arm or even his entire body. Subsequently, Facio underwent a risky two-hour operation to extract the bullet, facing potential dangers such as bleeding, cerebral fluid leakage, meningitis, and even death. Fortunately, the skilled medical team successfully removed the bullet without causing any harm.

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