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Manipur Massive Blast: One Person Died In A Big Explosion At The Manipur University Campus

Manipur Massive Blast: In Imphal, there was a bomb explosion at a university campus in Manipur last night, creating a loud and frightening noise that shocked everyone. Unfortunately, one person died as a result of the blast.

Despite almost ten months passing since the violence erupted in Manipur in May last year, the situation has not improved. The aftermath of the violence has been devastating, with over 180 people losing their lives, 1108 people suffering serious injuries, and 32 people still missing.

In addition to the loss of lives and injuries, many women have been subjected to sexual assault during the violence. The scale of destruction is immense, with over 5,000 cases of arson reported and around 6,000 cases filed in connection with the violence.

Manipur Massive Blast

Authorities have taken action to address the situation, making hundreds of arrests to bring those responsible to justice. However, the scars of the violence continue to linger, and the need for peace and stability in Manipur remains a pressing concern.

It is believed that the recent withdrawal of instructions from the state high court, which were thought to be the cause of the violence, would help reduce tension. However, last night, a bomb exploded at Manipur’s Dhanamanjuri University campus, creating a loud and terrifying noise. This incident has heightened tension across the state.

Unfortunately, one person has died as a result of the explosion, and another individual has been hospitalized with serious injuries. The blast occurred in the student union office of the university at precisely 9:35 pm last night.

Manipur University

The police have initiated an investigation into the bomb blast incident and are conducting a thorough inquiry to determine the cause and identify those responsible. The authorities are working diligently to bring those involved in this violent act to justice and restore peace and stability in Manipur.

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