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Breaking News For NRIs: New Aadhaar Rules For Non Resident Indians

New Aadhaar Rules For Non Resident Indians: The Unique Identification Authority of India(UIDAI) has defined a set of rules for Non-Resident Indians for their Aadhaar Card(both for updation and enrolment). These changes are mentioned in the circular given on January 16, 2024. Let’s see what are the rules and regulations needed for Aadhaar updation and enrolment.

Proof of Identity

For all the NRIs, an Indian passport is considered as the Proof of Identity(POI). Also, birth certificates are mandatory for the NRIs who were born on or after October 1, 2023.

New Aadhaar Rules

The latest guidelines have brought in revised forms for Aadhaar enrolment and updates, catering specifically to residents and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). Here’s a breakdown of the forms and their purposes:

Form 1: For residents and NRIs (with proof of address in India) aged 18 and above, used for enrolment or updating Aadhaar details.NRIs should provide a valid email address and no SMS will be sent to non-Indian cell phone numbers provided by NRIs

Form 2: It is for NRIs providing address proof outside India during enrolment or updating of Aadhaar.

Form 3: It is for enrolling children for both residents or NRIs with Indian addresses only and ages from 5 years and above but less than 18.

Form 4: This form is particularly designed for NRI children with addresses outside India.

Form 5: Intended for resident or NRI children with Indian addresses and ages from 5 years for Aadhaar enrolment or updation.

Form 6: Specifically made for NRI children with addresses outside India and ages below 5 years for both enrolment and updation.

Form 7: Applicable to resident foreign nationals above the age of 18 years seeking enrolment or updates in Aadhaar. Requires details of foreign passport, OCI card, valid long-term visa, and Indian visa. Email ID is mandatory.

Form 8: To be used by resident foreign nationals aged below 18 years.

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Stay informed and ensure smooth Aadhaar processes with the right form for your specific category.

FAQ – New Aadhaar Rules For Non Resident Indians

1) What are the key changes in the new Aadhaar rules for NRIs?

The updated forms are created for different age groups and address proof requirements for NRIs.

2) Are there specific forms for NRI children with addresses in India?

Yes, Form 3 is designed for enrolling children aged 5 to 18 with Indian addresses.

3) What documents are required for resident foreign nationals above 18 years?

Form 7 is applicable, and details of a foreign passport, OCI card, valid long-term visa, and Indian visa are necessary. An email ID is also mandatory.

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