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Political Update: Do You Know About the Next Actor Starting a Political Party Following Vijay?

Do You Know About the Next Actor Starting a Political Party? When actor Vijay launched his political party, another actor named Vishal also decided to start his political party. Before this, Vishal had shown interest in political activities. He even wanted to run for the Chennai RK Nagar assembly by-election. However, his nomination to contest in the election was rejected.

Even though Vishal faced this disappointment, he did not give up on his desire to be part of politics and help people. He stayed determined to make a positive impact through his political efforts.

Vishal’s Welfare Movement

Vishal, the actor, has changed the name of his fan club to ‘Vishal Makkal Nala Iyakkam’ (Vishal People’s Welfare Movement). Now it is not just about being a fan, but about working together for the welfare of people.

He has also chosen leaders to represent his movement in every district. This means there are people in charge of organizing and leading activities in different areas. By appointing officials in all districts, Vishal is trying to make sure his movement can reach and help people in various parts of the region. It shows that he is serious about making a positive impact on society.

During Shooting

Whenever Vishal travels to foreign locations to shoot movies, he always takes time to meet with his fans there. He listens to their concerns and problems. In addition to meeting fans, Vishal also makes an effort to visit nearby villages. There, he listens to the village people’s problems and tries to address their needs and requests.

By making it a habit to interact with fans and villagers during his travels, Vishal shows that he cares about the people who support him. He demonstrates a commitment to understanding their issues and working towards solutions, even when he is away from home.

Vishal’s Political Party

Next Actor Starting a Political Party Following Vijay

With the parliamentary elections getting closer, Vishal has decided to launch his political party. Reports are suggesting that he will reveal the name of his party soon. It is also been mentioned that Vishal’s party plans to participate in the upcoming assembly elections. This means they aim to field candidates and compete in the elections to represent their party’s ideas and goals.

By starting a political party and entering the electoral arena, Vishal is signaling his readiness to take on a more active role in shaping the political landscape. It shows his desire to contribute to the governance of the country and address issues that matter to the people.

Vijay’s Political Party

Actor Vijay

Actor Vijay recently revealed the name of his political party as Tamilaga Vetri Kazhagam. He has also announced his intention to participate in the 2026 assembly elections. Also, Vijay mentioned that he aims to focus on building and strengthening his party over the next two years. This indicates his dedication to establishing a solid foundation for his political endeavors.

Furthermore, Vijay has declared his plan to retire from the film industry after fulfilling his commitments to two ongoing movie projects. In light of these developments, reports are suggesting that actor Vishal is considering launching his political party soon.

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