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Oreo Bajji with Chutney…Netizens Terrified By the Weird Combo

In this world of billions of people, almost three-quarters of the population use mobile phones, and also most of them are using social media. Through this, we can get to know many kinds of information. Among those, social media has become a best friend for many people. There are some heart-wrenching and frowning posts circulating on those social media sometimes. In such a way, the Oreo bajji that makes people frown is becoming popular on the internet.

Among the Indian snacks, bajjis, and Pakodas are the favourite choice of many. Having tea and Pakodas or bajjis in the evening is everyone’s favorite. It tempts the taste buds of all. Whether it may be an onion bajji or potato bajji, everyone loves bajjis. Ranging from vegetarian options to more exotic non-vegetarian varieties like fish bajji and chicken bajji, lots of varieties can be seen everywhere. But have you ever seen Oreo Bajji?

Viral Video

Well, a vendor from Ahmedabad made new a recipe – Oreo bhajiyas. In the video shared on Instagram, the vendor opened a pack of Oreo biscuits dipped it in a batter, and fry it in hot boiling oil. It is then served with a red-colored chutney. As of today, the video has got 8,610 likes. The viral video has received mixed comments from users. One user commented, ” If I send this reel to my friend, he will stop eating Oreo”, another wrote ” Omg, I can’t even imagine this!!!”, another user “The world is in danger”.

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