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Pakistan Blocked Social Media Platform X Due to Concerns About Misuse, But High Court Ordered Its Restoration

Pakistan Blocked Social Media Platform X: Pakistan confirmed the shutdown of social media platform X, citing national security concerns. The temporary blockage started in February.

Users in Pakistan have struggled to access X since mid-February. This happened when former prime minister Imran Khan’s party called for protests against alleged election rigging.

Pakistan’s interior ministry confirmed the shutdown of social media platform X in a court submission on Wednesday. The ministry stated that the ban was necessary because X did not follow the government’s legal orders and failed to address concerns about misuse. According to the ministry, the platform showed reluctance to work with Pakistani authorities to resolve important issues.

The report stated that the decision to ban Twitter/X in Pakistan was made to protect national security, keep public order, and maintain the nation’s integrity. However, the Sindh High Court strongly criticized the decision to suspend X. It instructed the government to restore the platform within one week.

Pakistan Blocked Social Media Platform X

SHC Chief Justice Aqeel Ahmed Abbasi, while hearing petitions on the social media platform’s suspension, questioned the Interior Ministry’s actions. He said, “What are you achieving by shutting down minor things? The world must be laughing at us,” as reported by Geo News.

A high-ranking government official admitted that there was vote manipulation in the February 8 elections. This caused anger and calls for protests from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Reports said there were many disruptions in using the social media platform X in the capital city of Islamabad and major cities like Lahore and Karachi. On election day, mobile internet services were cut off throughout the country. The interior ministry said this was done for security reasons.

The US State Department said it supported people’s right to access the internet. However, it did not comment on whether it had discussed the matter with Pakistan. State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller told reporters, “In general, we want people in Pakistan and everywhere to have access to internet platforms.”

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