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Pet Tiger Attacks Man In His UAE Home, Watch Video

The trend of keeping wild animals as pets has captured the attention of many. A recent Instagram video has fueled this fascination, showcasing a man gleefully evading his pet tiger’s playful antics. Let’s get into this viral sensation and explore the diverse reactions it has stirred across the online community.

Nowadays many people started to keep wild animals as pets in their houses. In that case a video shared on Instagram has been going viral. It shows that a man is laughing, as his pet tiger tries to chase him. The video was shared on Instagram 2 weeks ago. It has got mixed comments on the Internet. The user @7amodkaa shared the video. The video has got 95,576 likes as of now. The video has got millions of views. Viewers express a spectrum of emotions. Some applaud the unique companionship between man and beast, while others voice concerns about the safety and ethical considerations surrounding wild animals as domestic pets.

The netizens were stunned and wrote mixed comments in the comment box. One user wrote ” These animals should not be kept as pets within a structure other than nature………”, another user wrote ” Ridic. Your repulsive keeping this animal. Nothing to be proud of”, another “Tiger hungry for a shawarma”.

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