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Pragya Misra: OpenAI Has Hired its First Employee in India. See About Pragya Misra

Pragya Misra has been chosen to lead public policy and partnerships for OpenAI in India. She is OpenAI’s first hire in the country. The 39-year-old has been named head of government relations, according to a report by Bloomberg. This hiring shows OpenAI’s efforts to work with governments to create good rules as they decide how to control the fast-growing technology of generative AI.

What is Pragya Misra’s role at OpenAI?

Pragya Misra has been hired as the head of government relations at OpenAI. This makes her the company’s first employee in India. Although OpenAI hasn’t publicly announced the appointment, Bloomberg reported that Pragya Misra will lead public policy affairs and partnerships in India.

Education and Other Positions

Pragya Misra Open AI

Since July 2021, Pragya Misra has been the Director of Public Affairs for Truecaller. She worked closely with government ministries, important stakeholders, investors, and media partners.

Before that, she worked with Meta Platforms Inc. for three years. She led WhatsApp’s campaign against misinformation in 2018. She also worked at Ernst & Young and the Royal Danish Embassy in New Delhi. Pragya Misra earned her MBA from the International Management Institute in 2012. She also graduated with a commerce degree from Delhi University. In addition, she has a Diploma in Bargaining and Negotiation from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

What else do we know about Pragya Misra?

Pragya Misra enjoys playing golf and has represented India in several international tournaments from 1998 to 2007. She is also a Heartfulness Meditation Trainer and hosts the Pragyaan Podcast.

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