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Six Years of Struggle: Priyanka Goel’s Journey to Become an IAS

Success in life does not come to everyone so quickly. Sometimes we have to work hard for that success. Success requires patience, hard work, and perseverance. Many people have achieved success in their lives. In this article, we are going to see about such a person. She is none other than Priyanka Goel who cracked the IAS exam in her final attempt in 2022 and her life story will be an inspiration to many.

Priyanka Goel

Born and brought up in Delhi, Priyanka completed her schooling at Keshav Mahavidyalaya. After that, he completed his B.Com degree from Delhi University. After completing his college studies, he was all set to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming an IAS officer. For this, she started studying day and night.

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In her initial try, she did not pass the primary exam because she did not fully grasp some subjects. The second attempt also didn’t succeed, and she missed moving on to the next level by just 0.7 marks. Unfortunately, she could not clear the primary exam four consecutive times.

But she didn’t give up, instead, she studied even harder. Her persistence and dedication paid off when she successfully cleared the IAS exam on her sixth attempt, fulfilling her childhood dream in 2022. Ranked 369th overall and 292nd in India in her preferred subject of public administration, she scored 965 out of 193 marks in the interview. Priyanka, who remains active on social media as an IAS officer, has 169K followers on Instagram. She posted pictures on that frequently.

Priyanka’s six-year-long journey has showcased her strong determination, mental strength, spirit, and unwavering commitment. She has proven that with resilience, one can overcome any obstacles in life. Despite facing many failures, she kept fighting without giving up and now stands as an IAS officer before us. Her life will surely inspire many. So we all understand the two slogans, “Hard work Never Fails” and “Failure is the Stepping Stone to success.”

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