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Rajinikanth’s Open Talk: Considering Vijay as a Competitor Won’t Bring Me Honor and Respect

Rajinikanth’s Open Talk: If I see Vijay as my competition, it wouldn’t be respectful to me, and similarly, Rajinikanth expressed that considering me as a competition would not be respectful to him either.

Rajinikanth’s daughter, Aishwarya, directed a film called ‘Lal Salaam,’ which revolves around cricket, with Rajinikanth in the lead role. The movie includes Vikranth, Vishnu Vishal, KS Ravikumar, Jeevitha, Nirosha Radha and others. Kapil Dev, the former captain of the Indian Cricket team, makes a special appearance. The film is set to be released in February, and the audio release ceremony took place last night in Tambaram, Chennai.

During the event, Rajinikanth mentioned, “Lal means red, and there are many symbols associated with this color. Communists often use it for various purposes, including violence and revolution. My daughter, Aishwarya, has chosen it for a revolutionary theme in ‘Lal Salaam.’ When she narrated the story to me, I felt that it could win a national award.”

Vijay as a competitor

Regarding ‘Lal Salaam,’ Rajinikanth might be the producer of this film. Some people have been saying that he has more money, but he clarified that it would save him a lot of money. Rajinikanth told Aishwarya that he would take on the role himself. He emphasized the importance of friends in life, highlighting that there’s not much difference between a friend and an enemy. An enemy may hide something in their mind and can become a significant adversary.

This film primarily focuses on promoting religious harmony. It emphasizes that the purpose of religion is to bring happiness to people. The idea is to move away from notions of superiority, where one claims to be bigger than another. The film conveys the message that there is truth and justice in every religion, and that understanding is essential.

Regarding the Cuckoo Eagle Story I shared earlier, it’s challenging for me to talk as if Vijay and I are competing. Actor Vijay is someone I have seen grow up before my eyes. I have known him since his childhood. During the shooting of ‘Dharmathin Thalaivan,’ Vijay’s father, SA Chandrasekhar, approached me and said, “My son is studying, and he is keen on acting. Let’s try reading and acting. Can you guide him a bit?” So, I asked Vijay if he could do it, and he confidently said yes. That’s how Vijay started his journey in acting.

He has risen through hard work and dedication, and he is doing well now. Currently, he is also making efforts to enter politics. I wish him the very best in his endeavors. It’s concerning to suggest that Vijay and I are currently in competition. Vijay himself has acknowledged that I am his competition. I’ve personally declared that I see my film as my competition. Considering Vijay as a competitor wouldn’t bring me honor and respect, and similarly, if he sees me as a competitor, it wouldn’t be respectful to him either. I request that the stories about me, him, and our fans be stopped.

Rajinikanth's Open Talk

“This is my kind request,” Rajinikanth mentioned. Earlier at the event, Aishwarya Rajinikanth expressed, “Recently, the word ‘sangi‘ is frequently used about my father, and it made me very upset. I need to clarify, my father is not ‘sangi’ he is Superstar Rajinikanth.” She mentioned that she would not be part of the film “Lal Salaam” if that were the case. Rajinikanth became emotional after hearing his daughter’s speech.

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