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RCB Vs SRH: RCB Playoff Chances For IPL 2024 Got Better After They Broke a Six-Match Losing Streak by Defeating SRH

RCB Vs SRH: Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) had a tough time in IPL 2024, losing six matches in a row. But things brightened up a bit when they finally won against Sunrisers Hyderabad. This win came after a month of no victories. Although they’re still at the bottom of the table, it is a relief for them. Their win against Sunrisers Hyderabad was their first in a while, breaking their losing streak. Despite staying at the bottom with just four points from nine games, their playoff hopes got a little boost. It’s a small step forward for them in the tournament.

For RCB to reach the IPL 2024 playoffs, they must win all their remaining five games. This will give them a total of 14 points. Usually, this is enough to secure a playoff spot without worrying about their run rate. The top two spots in the table are already out of reach for RCB. However, they can aim for the third or fourth position.

To finish fourth, RCB needs the top three teams – Rajasthan Royals, Kolkata Knight Riders, and Sunrisers Hyderabad – to win most of their remaining matches. If RR and KKR lose a couple of games each, and SRH loses one, they will finish with 22, 20, and 20 points respectively. This means RCB, with 14 points, can easily grab the fourth playoff spot. It’s all about winning their matches and watching how the other teams perform.

There is another slim chance for RCB to finish third in the IPL 2024 table. For this to happen, Kolkata and Hyderabad need to suddenly start losing most of their remaining matches, ending up with only 12 points each. At the same time, Lucknow Super Giants would need to win five out of their last six matches, totaling 20 points.

If this scenario plays out, RCB could sneak into the playoffs as the third-placed team with 14 points. It’s a bit of a long shot, but in sports, anything can happen until the last game is played.


RCB’s hope for making it to the IPL 2024 playoffs seems possible because of their upcoming matches. After defeating Sunrisers Hyderabad, they have matches against Gujarat Titans twice and Punjab Kings.

Gujarat Titans haven’t been consistent in this IPL, winning only four out of nine matches so far. They’re currently seventh in the table, which gives RCB a good chance to secure wins against them.

Punjab Kings, on the other hand, have been struggling lately. They’ve lost six out of their last seven matches, including a four-game losing streak. This makes them a favorable opponent for RCB.

If RCB can win these three upcoming matches, including one at home against Gujarat Titans and another in Dharamsala against Punjab Kings, they can gain momentum. This momentum will help them face tougher opponents like Delhi Capitals and Chennai Super Kings in their final two matches, both of which will be played at the Chinnaswamy Stadium.

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