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Unbelievable Secrets of Tirupati Temple

All we know is that Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam is India’s richest and most respected temple. You might know some facts, like Lord Balaji’s idol having real hair and sacred items coming from far away. There are more cool facts about this famous temple that most people don’t know.

Now, let’s talk about Tirumala Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh, India. Many believe it’s filled with millions of prayers under the ground. It’s known for its calm and peaceful vibe. This temple in South India, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, is super old and wealthy. People say there are hidden stories under the temple’s foundation, making it even more surprising.

secrets of Tirupati

Real Hair of Lord Balaji

Real hair of Balaji

Lord Balaji’s hair is real, silky, smooth, and tangle-free. The story behind it goes like this: when Lord Balaji lost some hair on earth, a Gandharva Princess named Neela Devi noticed and cut a portion of her hair. She humbly offered it to the deity, who, pleased with her devotion, accepted it. The god promised blessings to anyone who visited his shrine and sacrificed their hair. As a result, it has become a tradition for devotees to shave their heads in the temple when their wishes are fulfilled.

Secret Hidden Village

Hidden village

The Tirupati Balaji Temple’s rituals include flowers and holy leaves from a secret village, 22km away. This mysterious place, known only to locals, is crucial for the temple’s sacred practices. The village, hidden from outsiders, plays a vital role, and its residents contribute to the spiritual atmosphere through their offerings. The secrecy adds an intriguing element to the temple’s traditions, forming a mystical connection between the undisclosed village and the sacred rituals of this revered religious site in India.

Lord Venkateswara Swamy appeared in reality one time

Lord Venkateswara Swamy

Lord Venkateswara Swamy appeared when twelve people were given the death penalty by the local king in 19th-century India. They were hanged in the Balaji temple, and it was at that moment that the god appeared.

The Endless Flame

endless flame in tirupati

Lamps in the Tirupati Balaji Temple stay lit continuously, representing the unwavering devotion of worshippers. The exact origin of these lamps is unknown, but they have been burning for a long time and will keep doing so.

Ocean Sounds Behind Lord Balaji’s Idol

ocean sounds secret

Behind Lord Balaji’s idol, one can hear the sound of the mighty sea waves by placing their ear on the back of the deity’s image. It’s an astonishing truth you need to experience to believe.

Always Wet Lord Idol

always Wet Lord Idol

Another strange mystery about the Balaji idol is, that its back is always wet. Despite priests trying to dry it, Lord Balaji’s back stays wet all the time. This puzzling occurrence adds to the temple’s mystical aura, leaving people fascinated and curious. Many believe it’s a divine happening, deepening the respect for the idol and making Tirumala a place of spiritual wonder. Devotees often ponder the meaning of this mystery, connecting it to the sacred nature of the idol.

Camphor Secret

Camphor secret

In Tirumala, there is a mysterious thing concerning Balaji’s stone idol. Despite being exposed to Camphor for a long time during rituals, the idol shows no signs of damage like cracks or fissures. This uniqueness adds to the temple’s spiritual significance, leaving devotees amazed and deepening their reverence for the deity. The enduring nature of the idol becomes a symbol of the sacred and unexplained, contributing to the mystique of Tirumala as a place where the divine and the mysterious come together.

Viraja River Secret

River Viraja

Legend has it that Lord Balaji’s foot is in a sacred river named Viraja, believed to supply water to a well in the temple called “Bommala Bavi,” meaning “well of idols” in Sanskrit. The well’s inner wall is constructed from the same stones used for the temple’s idols.

Secret of Flowers

Tirupati flower secret

The Lord of Tirumala is known for a love of flowers. After daily decoration, used and dried flowers are thrown behind the idol. It’s believed that a waterfall behind the idol carries these flowers away. They are found about 20 kilometers away at a place called Verpedu.

Agreement of Sri Varaha Swamy

Sri Varaha Swamy

According to legend, Lord Balaji once sought and received a loan from Sri Varahaswami. In return, an agreement was made that the first offerings and Darshan at Tirumala would be dedicated to Sri Varahaswamy. This tradition persists today, and it is customary to first visit the Sri Varaha Swamy temple before proceeding to the main Tirumala temple for Lord Balaji’s Darshan.

Least Collection Per Day

Tirupati collection

During a specific event in Tirupati called Ashta Bandhana Balalaya Maha Samprokshanam, which occurs once every 12 years, only a limited number of devotees are permitted to visit the temple. Even during this time, the average daily collection for Tirupati in 2018 was Rs. 73 lakhs. This amount is considered the lowest collection in its history. Then what about the other days? The average collection of Tirupati temple per day is Three Crores of cash.

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