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Smear Campaign: Indian Student Claims ‘Smear Campaign’ at UK University Due to Support for Modi and Bharat

Smear Campaign: Satyam Surana, an Indian student studying at the London School of Economics (LSE), has stated that a ‘smear and hate campaign’ targeted him just before he voted for the position of General Secretary of the LSE Students Union. Surana alleged that this campaign began 24 hours before the election, in which he was a candidate.

As an Indian national studying at LSE, Surana faced accusations of being involved in a smear and hate campaign. These allegations surfaced shortly before the voting for the General Secretary position in the Students Union, an election in which Surana was participating.

Surana claimed that the timing of this campaign, just before the election, was deliberate and aimed at influencing the outcome. Despite these challenges, Surana continued his candidacy for the General Secretary position in the LSE Students Union.

Satyam Surana, who gained attention in October last year for holding the Indian flag during a protest by Khalistan supporters outside the Indian High Commission in London, claimed that he faced harassment due to his support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Ram Temple, and India.

Smear Campaign

In a statement posted on X (formerly Twitter), Surana expressed that the past week had been challenging for him. Despite facing difficulties, Surana and his team received support from the diverse international student community at LSE during their campaigning efforts. He highlighted that he felt a sense of acceptance and encouragement from the community amidst the challenges he encountered.

Surana’s note shed light on the undercurrent of acceptance and support he experienced despite the alleged harassment he faced. He emphasized the importance of receiving backing from the international student community at LSE during his campaign.

Satyam Surana further explained that his perceived success triggered “Anti-India” and “Anti-Modi” elements to launch a “systematic, planned, and pre-organized” campaign against him. Surana, who hails from Pune and has practiced at the Bombay High Court, described how his posters were torn down, vandalized, and slandered.

In the 24 hours leading up to the voting period, Surana stated that he was unfairly labeled as an Islamophobe, racist, terrorist, fascist, and queerphobe, among other derogatory terms. He expressed that a toolkit associated him with the BJP and attempted to undermine India’s sovereignty.

Surana detailed the challenges he faced, including the deliberate efforts to tarnish his image and undermine his candidacy for the General Secretary position at LSE. Despite these obstacles, Surana remained resilient and continued to stand firm in his beliefs and support for Modi, the BJP, and India.

Surana revealed that even his act of picking up the Indian tricolor was scrutinized, and there were attempts to expose his social media accounts. He expressed that the identity of those behind the campaign was evident. Surana believed that the campaign was orchestrated by some of his fellow Indians who were ignorant, shameless, and driven by propaganda.

He stated that these individuals could not accept the growing influence and power of Indians in shaping international opinions toward righteousness. Surana condemned their actions, emphasizing the need for unity and support within the Indian community, especially in foreign countries like the UK.

Despite the challenges and smear campaign he faced, Surana remained steadfast in his beliefs and commitment to his principles. He urged others to stand strong against such divisive tactics and to continue striving for positive change and progress.

Surana boldly asserted that today, people’s opposition to India stems from their opposition to Modi. He claimed that Modi’s political adversaries, whose efforts had failed domestically, were now attempting to tarnish his image on the global stage. Despite facing adversity, Surana remained resolute in his commitment to return to his homeland, India, and continue advocating for his country and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He refused to yield to the pressures of the smear campaign and vowed to keep speaking out for India and Modi. Surana’s unwavering determination showcased his strong allegiance to his country and its leadership, highlighting his readiness to confront challenges and defend his beliefs.

In conclusion, Surana’s firm stance demonstrated his resolve to stand up against the attempts to undermine India’s reputation and the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. He remained steadfast in his loyalty to his homeland and expressed his commitment to continue advocating for India’s interests, both at home and abroad.

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