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Indonesia Soccer Player Dies After Being Struck by Lightning During a Match; Video Goes Viral

Indonesia Soccer Player Dies After Being Struck by Lightning: A video of a soccer player being struck by lightning during a match in Indonesia is spreading quickly on social media. The incident occurred during a match between the teams FLO FC Bandung and FBI Subang at Siliwangi Stadium. While the game was underway, lightning suddenly struck a player named Septian Raharja from the Subang team, causing him to collapse on the field. His teammates were stunned by what happened.

Septian was rushed to the hospital immediately after the incident. However, the doctors who examined him delivered the tragic news that he had already passed away. The Indonesian football community is deeply saddened by the sudden loss of the footballer.

What Exactly Happened During the Match?

The player was rushed to the hospital immediately after the incident, but he did not survive and was dead upon arrival. His teammates are shocked and grieving over the tragic loss. The football player who died is named Septain Raharja and he was 35 years old. It is said that he was still alive after the lightning hit him, but he later died in the hospital because of his injuries.

Indonesia Soccer Player Dies After Being Struck by Lightning

According to the standard, the lightning struck Raharja at 4:20 pm local time on Saturday, causing his untimely death. The tragic event has caused sadness worldwide, with Raharja’s teammates and coaches mourning his death.

Reports from the Daily Mail indicate that the Indonesian Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency stated that the lightning came from a cloud just 300 meters above the stadium when it struck the footballer. After the incident, many people in the Stadium reportedly fell to the ground in fear of their lives due to the lightning.

Similar Past Incidents on Football Field

Tragic incidents like these have unfortunately occurred before on football fields. In December of last year, a lightning bolt struck a football pitch during a match in Brazil. One player lost his life, and six others were injured. The 21-year-old player collapsed on the field and was rushed to the hospital but later died due to his injuries.

Similarly, in August 2023, a young footballer in Managua, Nicaragua, was fatally struck by lightning during a match. Despite being quickly taken to the hospital, he could not survive his injuries.

Another heartbreaking event took place in August 2022 in Hazari village, Gomia district of Jharkhand. A 19-year-old youth named Vishant lost his life after being struck by lightning during a football match. He was rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately, the doctors declared him dead upon arrival.

These on-field tragedies during football matches have sadly become somewhat common over the past few years. In addition to lightning strikes, there have been instances where footballers have collapsed on the field due to cardiac arrests.

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