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Goa Temples Enforces Strict Dress Code to Devotees

Many temples in Goa will enforce strict dress codes from January 1, 2024. They won’t allow shorts, mini skirts, midis, sleeveless tops, low-rise jeans, or short T-shirts. The temple committees will offer ‘uparne’ and ‘lungi’ to those not dressed properly. Visitors must follow the rules.

Vallabh Kuncoliencar, the president of Shree Ramnath Devasthan in Ponda, mentioned that the dress code will be strictly followed from January 2. He also said, “We have already posted the dress code advisory at the temple. The focus is on educating tourists who often dress inappropriately. The decision was made to preserve the temple’s sanctity, and we will gradually educate tourists to bring about a change.”

He also mentioned that kids under 10 don’t need to follow the dress code. He said, “Adults must follow it, but we won’t block anyone from entering. We will give uparne and lungi to tourists not dressed properly.” Shri Manguesh Devasthan made this decision nearly ten years ago and will strictly enforce the dress code from the New Year.

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Ajit Kantak, the president of Shri Manguesh Devasthan, mentioned that while there was a dress code before, it was not closely monitored. “Now, we have decided to strictly enforce the dress code at the temple starting from the New Year,” he stated.

Kantak also mentioned that certain women wear clothes that bother other devotees at the temple. Currently, the temple provides a shawl and a lungi to tourists. Kantak emphasized that a temple is not meant for a fashion show, it’s a place for worship and meditation. He urged tourists to wear Indian wear when visiting the temple.

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