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Swasika Vijay Ties the Knot with Prem Jacob: Romantic Journey From Proposal to Beach Wedding

Swasika Vijay Ties the Knot with Prem Jacob: Actress Swasika Vijay and model-actor Prem Jacob got married in Thiruvananthapuram. Swasika posted pictures on social media, announcing their decision to start their life journey together. They plan to have a reception in Kochi on January 27th. The couple, known for the Malayalam serial ‘Manam Pole Mangalyam,’ had a viral video that added excitement to their union.

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On her Instagram account, she mentioned “We decided to do life together.” After that, a lot of fans and many celebrities commented on the post, “Congratulations”, “Congrats my love”, “Congratulations both of you”, and “Congratulations happy married life ahead!”, “My sweet little girl prayers and love”, “Happy married life.” Wishing you both a beautiful journey as you start your married life together. Cheers, to love and happiness”, “Congratulations and best wishes”, and “Made for each other Beautiful couple.”

The beautiful beach wedding took place at Cherai in Kochi, attended by close friends and family, including Swasika’s Seetha co-stars like Shanavas Shanu, Manve, Deepan Murali, Naveen Arakkal, and others. The enchanting atmosphere was filled with joy.

Swasika Vijay Ties the Knot with Prem Jacob

Swasika Vijay, famous for her impactful role in ‘Seetha’ and currently hosting ‘Red Carpet,’ has left a significant mark in both TV and movies. Her upcoming film, ‘Vivekanandan Viralaanu,’ with Shine Tom Chacko, is creating a buzz on social media.

Prem Jacob, a popular face in Malayalam TV, gained fame as Rishi in ‘Kabani’ and later won hearts in ‘Manampole Mangalyam’ and ‘Namam Japikkunna Veedu.’ Currently, he’s impressing audiences in the Tamil show ‘Nee Naan Kadhal.’

Prem’s chemistry with Swasika in ‘Manampole Mangalyam’ was a hit, earning praise for their compelling performances and genuine connection. Joining the show after 100 episodes, Prem and Swasika brought a fresh dynamic, becoming a beloved duo for the audience.

Swasika Vijay- Prem Jacob Love Story

Swasika Vijay- Prem Jacob Love Story

Before their beach wedding, TV couple Swasika Vijay and Prem Jacob shared the heartwarming story of their love journey. Known for their chemistry in ‘Manampole Mangalyam,’ they exchanged vows in a joyous ceremony, capturing fans and social media.

Swasika’s love story took a surprising turn during the shooting of ‘Manampole Mangalyam.’ In a sneak peek of an upcoming special episode of her show ‘Ammayum Makalum,’ Swasika revealed the delightful details of her on-set proposal to Prem.

She remembered meeting him on the set and liking his manly voice. During a romantic scene, she surprised him by asking if they could get married. After that, he sent her a text saying thank you for coming into his life. They had some cute moments, like sharing romantic looks and holding hands in front of the monitor, all unnoticed by others. It felt like something out of a movie.

As the newlyweds start this marital chapter, their love story resonates with fans. Swasika Vijay and Prem Jacob’s wedding is not just their celebration but a joy for the audience, witnessing their journey from scripted romance to a heartfelt union.

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