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Tata Punch EV 2024: Price, Variants and Exciting Features Explained

Tata Punch’s petrol cars are popular in India. Now, due to the growing demand for electric cars, Tata introduced an electric version, starting at Rs. 10.99 lakh. The electric Punch has 5 variants: Smart, Smart+, Adventure, Empowered, and Empowered+. Deliveries started yesterday (January 22), and interested buyers can reserve it by paying Rs. 21,000 in advance.

The Tata Punch EV has a cool design. At the back, it has a long LED lamp inspired by the Nexon. The front has a new bumper and grill design. It also comes with LED headlamps, a silver faux skid plate, and unique features like a charger near the Tata logo. Plus, it has Y-shaped brake lights and a spoiler. The fancy top models even have 16-inch alloy wheels.

The inside of the Tata Punch EV looks cool. It has a two-color design, a fancy Tata logo on the steering wheel, and a 10.23-inch screen like the Safari and Harrier models. The seats can even stay cool, just like in expensive cars. Plus, it has cool stuff like wireless Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, a charger without wires, and a sunroof.

Tata Punch EV Batteries

The Tata Punch EV comes with two types of batteries. The one with a 25 KW battery can go 315 km, and the 35 KW battery version can go 421 km. There are also two driving modes: one with 120 bhp power and 190 Nm torque, and the other with 80 bhp power and 114 Nm torque.

Tata Punch EV Price

The Tata Punch EV has a base model priced at Rs 10.99 lakh and a fancier one at Rs 14.49 lakh. It’s got safety stuff like 6 airbags, an electronic stability program, ISOFIX, roll-over mitigation, brake disc wiping, hydraulic fading compensation, and a 360-degree camera.

Tata Punch EV Variants

Variant Tata Punch EV prices
Smart Smart+ Adventure Empowered Empowered+
Standard Rs 10.99 lakh Rs 11.49 lakh Rs 11.99 lakh Rs 12.79 lakh Rs 13.29 lakh
Long Range (LR) Rs 12.99 lakh Rs 13.99 lakh Rs 14.49 lakh

1. Tata Punch EV: Smart

Tata Punch EV: Smart

The Tata Punch Electric Vehicle (EV) looks cool outside with LED lights and 15-inch wheels. Inside, it’s comfy with power windows, adjustable seats, and cool features like a glovebox and air purifier.

Safety is a big deal with six airbags, stability features, and parking sensors. Plus, you can charge it easily with a 3.3 kW AC wall box. This makes sure the car stays charged up and ready to go. The Tata Punch EV’s basic model, called the Smart trim, costs Rs 10.99 lakh. It runs on a 25kW battery, giving it power of 80bhp and 114Nm. However, this base version doesn’t have a fancy screen or alloy wheels.

2. Tata Punch EV: Smart+

Tata Punch EV: Smart plus

The Tata Punch EV Smart variant looks similar to the basic model outside. Inside, it adds a dimming rearview mirror and all four power windows for extra comfort. It comes with more features, like a 7-inch touchscreen, paddle shifts for smoother driving, a good music system with six speakers, and the option to connect your phone using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto with wires.

3. Tata Punch EV: Adventure

Tata Punch EV Adventure

The Tata Punch EV Long Range (LR) variant stands out with LED projector headlights, cool sequential indicators, and LED fog lamps with cornering lights for extra visibility. It also features powered ORVMs and stylish 16-inch steel wheels.

Inside, the LR variant brings a touch of luxury with a jeweled control knob. It offers convenient features like a push start/stop button, cruise control, and different drive modes for City, Sport, and Eco. Safety is a priority, featuring Hill Descent Control, Hill Hold Control, all four disc brakes, and an Electronic Parking Brake with auto hold.

For charging convenience, the LR variant provides an optional 7.2 kW AC fast charger, ensuring a quicker and more efficient charging experience for the electric car. The Tata Punch EV Adventure comes with two types of batteries, a smaller 25kW and a bigger 35kW. It’s also the starting point for the long-range battery, which can go as far as 421km. This version has cool features like a 7.2 kW AC fast charger, bigger 16-inch steel wheels, different drive modes, and brakes on all four wheels.

4. Tata Punch: Empowered

Tata Punch EV: Empowered

The Tata Punch EV Empowered comes with useful stuff like a rear wiper, auto defoggers, air purifier, and front and rear armrests. It has a big 10.25-inch screen for music and more, connecting your phone wirelessly with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Parking is a breeze with the help of a rear camera.

For a bit more money (Rs 50,000 extra), you can get the Empowered S. This one comes with a cool voice-assisted electric sunroof and ambient lights inside the cabin. It’s like an extra touch of luxury.

Tech-wise, it’s got a big 10.25-inch touchscreen and a 7-inch driver console. You can connect your phone wirelessly to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. For safety, there’s an SOS button, and parking is made easy with a camera at the back. It’s a mix of convenience, style, and cool tech all together.

5. Tata Punch: Empowered+

Tata Punch EV: Empowered plus

The Tata Punch EV has some cool features! Outside, it looks stylish with leatherette seats. Inside, it’s comfy with seats that can stay cool, a big 10.25-inch screen, and a special spot to charge your phone without any wires. It can even help you find your way with a navigation system.

For safety, it’s got a special thing that helps you see your blind spots and a camera that shows everything around the car. Inside, you can talk to it, and it understands different things, making everything easier and hands-free. The best version, the Empowered+, comes with cool stuff like seats that can stay cool, a big 10.25-inch screen in front, and a camera that shows everything around the car, including blind spots. There’s also another one called Empowered+ S, which adds more cool things like a sunroof that opens with your voice and nice lights inside the car.

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FAQ – Tata Punch Electric Car

1. Is Tata Punch coming in electric?

Yes, the Tata Punch is going to have an electric version. It will come with two options for the battery pack, one with a 25 kWh capacity and another with a 35 kWh capacity. The first option promises a range of 315 kilometers on a single charge, while the second option offers a range of 421 kilometers. The Punch EV is Tata’s second electric SUV, following the Nexon EV.

2. Which company is Tata electric car?

Tata electric cars are made by a company called Tata Motors. They have a branch called Tata Passenger Electric Mobility, which specifically creates electric cars under the Tata Motors brand. One of their electric vehicles is called the Tata Nexon EV.

3. Is Tata Punch Hit or Flop?

The Tata Punch is a big success, not a failure. It’s the first car to sell over 100,000 units in just 10 months since it was launched. It has now surpassed 150,000 units in sales, with an average of 10,164 units sold per month.

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