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Trisha Exclusive: Trisha To Reunite With Chiranjeevi For An Upcoming Project

Trisha To Reunite With Chiranjeevi: The success of Ponniyin Selvan has brought Trisha back into the spotlight. She has been keeping busy with roles in Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu films, acting alongside leading actors in the industry.

Before Ponniyin Selvan, Trisha faced a string of heroine-centric films that were released consecutively, but unfortunately, they did not perform well at the box office. The exception was the 2018 film, 96, where Trisha had a minor role. Ponniyin Selvan became a turning point for her, as leading stars had initially rejected her, but this project gave her a second chance.

In Ponniyin Selvan, Trisha’s performance stood out, and she received acclaim for her role. The film marked a significant comeback for her, and her portrayal was often compared to the beauty of Aishwarya Rai. Trisha’s success in Ponniyin Selvan has rekindled her career, showing her talent, and skills as an actress.

Trisha To Reunite With Chiranjeevi For An Upcoming Project

Following Ponniyin Selvan, Trisha took on multiple roles in various films. She starred alongside Vijay in Leo, worked with Ajith in a dedicated manner, and played a role directed by Jeethu Joseph alongside Mohanlal in a Malayalam film. Additionally, she had the chance to be directed by the renowned Mani Ratnam in the Tamil film Kamal Thug Life.

Trisha’s career extended beyond Tamil cinema, as she secured a significant role as the heroine in Chiranjeevi’s Vishwambara in the Telugu film industry. This multi-range of projects reflects Trisha’s skill as an actress, as she continues to explore different genres and work with acclaimed directors across various South Indian languages. Her involvement in such varied projects highlights her ability to adapt and thrive in different cinematic landscapes.

In 2017, Chiranjeevi made a comeback to the film industry with Khaidi No. 150 and continued to be a part of various films. Many of these films were remakes, with the latest one being a remake of the Tamil film Vedalam, originally directed by Bhola Shankar. However, these films did not perform well at the box office. As a result, Chiranjeevi decided to collaborate with young directors for his upcoming projects.

One of his latest ventures is the film Vishwambara, which is currently in production. In this film, Chiranjeevi is working with a young director, exploring a new direction in his career. The film is still in the shooting phase, and Trisha is set to join the project soon.

Chiranjeevi’s decision to work with emerging talents and explore fresh narratives in Vishwambara indicates a shift in his approach towards film projects. The anticipation for this collaboration with Trisha adds an element of excitement, as fans look forward to seeing how this new venture unfolds on the big screen.

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