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Vijay Politics in 2024: Thalapathy Vijay is Ready to Join Politics. Find Out the Party Name and Other Details

Vijay Politics: Members, who were administrators of Thalapathy Vijay People’s Movement Fan Club and Welfare Society, recently had a meeting at the Panayur office on East Beach Road. They, along with Vijay, collectively decided on the party name. The organization plans to register with the Election Commission within a month.

Vijay actively participated in the three-hour meeting, where the general body also endorsed the election of other office-bearers, including the general secretary (Bassy N Anand) and treasurer. Supporters are eager for Vijay’s party to participate in the upcoming elections, and the registration process with the Election Commission, along with the approved by-laws, has been given the green light.

Party Name

The awaited news from actor Vijay is out. He revealed the creation of his political party, named Tamizhaga Vetri Kazhagam or TVK, and shared the announcement on X (formerly Twitter). In his statement, Vijay expressed that while his fan club, Vijay Makkal Iyakkam, has been engaged in social work, having political influence is necessary for more impactful efforts.

Vijay highlighted the political challenges in Tamil Nadu, a mix of ineffective governance, corruption, and divisive tactics based on caste and religion. He stressed that people in Tamil Nadu are eager for a positive change, seeking a selfless, honest, secular, and capable party. Vijay expressed his long-standing intention to contribute to the well-being of the people of Tamil Nadu, acknowledging the support and recognition he has received from them.

Film or Politics?

Thalapathy Vijay Politics

Actor Vijay is talking with a popular production house about a script that might be his last movie, Thalapathy 69. He’s thinking about saying goodbye to his film career, which has lasted for more than thirty years and has been filled with many successful movies. This potential final project adds an interesting chapter to his long and successful career.

Right now, fans are eagerly waiting for his upcoming film, Thalapathy 68, directed by Venkat Prabhu and titled ‘The Greatest of All Time.’ The movie, which has finished 60% of its shooting, is expected to be in theaters in July. As Vijay gets ready for the release of this film, discussions about his possible last project, Thalapathy 69, create a sense of anticipation about what might come next in his cinematic journey.

Vijay, famous for his impactful roles and successful movies, has been a big name in the Tamil film industry. The idea of a final project has sparked the interest of his fans, who are eager to know more about the story, cast, and crew of Thalapathy 69. As Vijay nears the end of his cinematic career, the excitement around both Thalapathy 68 and the potential final script, Thalapathy 69, continues to grow.

For more than ten years, Vijay has transformed his fan club into a public welfare organization, nurturing a political dream. In preparation for his political entry, the organization members are engaged in various programs such as distributing free food, promoting eye donation, and establishing night study centers.

Vijay recently organized an event to honor the top performers in classes 10 and 12. During the event, he encouraged students to learn about influential leaders like BR Ambedkar, Periyar EV Ramasamy, and K. Kamaraj, along with their ideals. Additionally, he visited the southern districts that were severely affected by heavy rains, assisting those in need.

Although Vijay has been indirectly hinting at entering politics, the official announcement of the party name and symbol is expected to take place next month. His journey from a film star to a public figure actively involved in social welfare and political endeavors continues to unfold.

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