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DMDK Founder Vijayakanth Death: What Happened In The Hospital?

DMDK leader and actor Vijayakanth has been admitted to MIOT Hospital in Ramapuram for a routine check-up. He was expected to return home today. In this condition, he had constant fever and chills.

So a sample of his mucus was taken and sent for analysis. He was confirmed to be infected with Corona. After that, he has difficulty in breathing. Due to this, he was given ventilator treatment.

Doctors were struggling to treat him as he was suffering from co-morbidities due to the coronavirus. But his health continued to decline. A medical report was issued regarding his condition. He died while undergoing intensive care. Vijayakanth, who was being treated for corona infection, died today after being given ventilator treatment.

DMDK Founder Vijayakanth Death

Vijayakanth Health Problems

Vijayakanth was celebrated as the captain by fans. He instilled various social concepts in the minds of the common man by portraying the roles of an honest police officer in all the films he acted in. Even after entering politics, he proposed many projects that would lead to progress.

Vijayakanth, who left the main party ADMK behind and made his mark as a strong opposition leader, suffered from health problems for many years and was unable to engage in normal life.

His family also didn’t give any information regarding his health problems. However, sources close to him shared that he has been dealing with diabetes, thyroid issues, and liver disease for a long time. They mentioned that due to worsening diabetes, he had to have some of his right toes removed at MIOT Hospital in 2022. The thyroid problem affected his speech, and he got separate treatment for it. Alongside these issues, he also had problems with urination.

While the spinal cord problem was already there, at the same time, due to an excessive thyroid problem, the nerves connected to the neck were affected. This led to memory loss, and he couldn’t sit for even half an hour. Because of this, no friends were allowed to see him for the past few months. Vijayakanth was admitted to MIOT Hospital for fever and chills and was expected to return home as usual in a couple of days. However, he was having trouble breathing and was receiving continuous treatment.

As the rain continued to fall, the seasonal conditions hindered his quick recovery. There was a belief that if he could breathe naturally despite receiving artificial respiration, his health would improve. While the doctors worked towards that goal, the speedy recovery of Vijayakanth was the fervent prayer of his fans and party workers.

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